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by Tara Fae Belle
One of the most prevalent flora in Realm-R is that of the genus Daylily. They range from very small (2.5 cm wide when fully grown) to very large (20 m wide when fully grown) and are connected to the underground Stone Vine deposits that create power. The vines and stalks connecting Daylilies are equivalent to Earth's power lines.
  Of the Daylilies, the most well known species is the Aurum Daylily. They are predominantly used for lighting and current flow in houses and halls. Smaller Daylily varieties, such as the Ragemist Scales, are often used in small devices.
  Some Daylilies will stack on top of each other as they grow, with smaller monsters taking permanent refuge in their leaves.  


Species: Aurum Daylily
Variety: Keppsat
Colour: Yellow
Size: Can grow up to 20 metres wide (in uncharted wilds)
Location: All over the landmass of Realm-R
Traits: Largest Daylily variety and shines the brightest
Usage: Lighting (more often indoors) and supplying electricity to buildings
The largest flower in Lakamha is an Aurum flower (7 m wide) that lights up the Town Square during the Feast scene.
Species: Aurum Daylily
Variety: Ringed Kalp
Colour: Orange, with a blended red ring
Size: Average size is 2 metres wide, with sightings up to 8 metres wide in the forest
Location: All over the landmass of Realm-R
Traits: Second largest Daylily variety and shines the second brightest
Usage: Lighting (more often outdoors) and supplying electricity to buildings
 The main entrance pathway to the forest is lined by Ringed Kalp Daylilies, lighting up the way.
Species: Small Daylily
Sub-species: Water Bell
Colour: Pink and White
Size: They grow to approximately 7 cm in width
Location: The flowers bloom on the water's edge (though the roots are still connected in the soil). They are only found in the west part of the main continent.
Traits: They glow softly.
Usage: Cahokians observe the Water Bell to determine the river's edge when they boat along the river.
King Tain has a water bowl on his desk with Water Bell in it.
Species: Small Daylily
Variety: Estemirella
Colour: Green
Size: Generally grow to between 2.5 to 4 cm in width.
Location: Most often found in Forest Glades and other grassy areas.
Traits: They grow in patches (much like clovers)
Usage: Main food of the Oxberon monster. Other monsters will eat it in small amounts. Eating it in small amounts will enhance a monster's abilities without harming them, however, large amounts will cause internal exploding (with the exception of Oxberon).
Despite repeated warnings, Cualli has eaten this flower on more than one occasion, saying it tastes like unripe grapefruit.
Species: Small Daylily
Variety: Ragemist Scales
Colour: Orange with Purple Speckles
Size: Range from 2.5 cm to 75 cm wide when fully grown.
Location: Can be found around the landmasses of Realm-R. However, it is the rarest variety of Daylily.
Traits: Most difficult Daylily to grow. However, it is the most effective to use in technologies.
Usage: Powers and supplies electrical currents to small magical devices.
 This flower powers the armband on Travellers.
Species: Edible Daylily
Variety: Pimly
Colour: Pale Peach
Size: Grow to 10-15 cm wide under most circumstances
Location: Often found on the edges of grassy areas or in sparse bush
Traits: They can be eaten by monsters or people
Usage: Teas and desserts
Akna and Vaneesa will only have Pimly tea when together.
Species: Glow Daylily
Variety: Quasi Delphine
Colour: Purple and Navy
Size: Will grow to 20-70 cm wide
Location: Found in caves and dark areas of undergrowth (basically anywhere on land that has little sun)
Traits: The navy areas of each petal will faintly glow in the dark, while the rest of the purple petals will only glow at night.
Usage: Time keepers in cave systems.
 The largest recorded cluster was found in the 3-horned beasts' caves.  Cualli often has these on hand.
Species: Glow Daylily
Variety: Quiggondia
Colour: Purple
Size: Will grow to 30-80 cm wide
Location: Found in areas where Quasi Delphine grows, as well as dimly lit areas around Realm-R
Traits: The purple petals will only glow at night and when overcharged, will hum
Usage: Time keepers in cave systems and testing electrical currents
Hadwin is growing these under his lab.

Cover image: by Tara on Canva


Author's Notes

Cheers to those in my stream who helped me work out the names of the varieties of flowers with regards to my synaesthesia, most notably Evil_Ink_Pen and Wordigirl.

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