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Cualli is a young Lakamhaan, similar in age to Itotia. However, Cualli is a hunter. Her father is lead Hunter and so she basically grew up in the forest and naturally became a good hunter. As the youngest of the Lakamhaan hunters, she is seen as a prodegy, and has been nicknamed 'Future Queen of the Forest', although she herself doesn't care much about the title. She'd rather spend her days in te forest than the town, though the food cooked by some of the older ladies keep her in town many nights.


Cualli is generally quiet, unless it has to do with hunting, then she will ramble on for hours if not stopped.
As she prefers the forest over the town, she does not make friends well, particularly of her own / similar age. Other hunters make friends with her, but even then, they don't know how much she likes them or tolerates them.
She will often take a month or two out of the year to live with a certain monster in order to understand them better. This has led to some wondering if she only spends time with fellow Lakamhaan in order to understand them in terms of being able to hunt them one day, if she decides to turn on people and live with monsters for the rest of her life.  

Physical Appearance

Her hair is often tied up, with part of it shaven and paints added to highlight her natural skin patterns. (or she just really likes a pattern that is almost at the top of her head, and thus shaves to show off.)
As with most hunters, she has trained herself to blend her skin colourings into the patterns of the light against the leaves of the trees in the forest. Many a young hunter has been unprepared for her to show herself from standing on the sie of a forest path.
Current Residence
Long, part shaven
195 cm

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