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Caelestis named the Mayan people of Lakamha after the city they had to leave, Lakamhaan. Caelestis is an angel charged with the establishment and maintenance of the portal to Realm-R nearest Kukulkan, the Mayan dragon who is now sealed within Realm-R.   To help the Lakamhaan physically adapt to this other dimension, he changed them - their DNA and their spirits. Thus they became akin to what some on Earth would call 'aliens', now with moveable, glowing tattoos, larger heights, and brighter skin pigmentations.   They first arrived in Realm-R in about 850 AD, abandoning their city in order to guard and maintain the sealing of Kukulkan. Firstly, they built the center of their city akin to what they had on Earth. From there, they adapted the usage of different buildings to better accommodate their lives in Realm-R and their task.    The Lakamhaan are well-known for their Hunting skills and health potions. They have the largest build of the three people groups (Cahokians, Thonisians and Lakamhaan) although all three people groups are stronger and larger than their human ancestors.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Primarily live in the Mayan Village under the protection of the portal shielding. However, there are a small number of Lakamhaan who go out to explore the world or settle by themselves in a remote area.
Mayan (Earth)
800 years
Average Height
1.8-2.5 metres
Average Weight
80-160 kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have dark, glowing tattoos that occasionally move around their body, particularly to ward off sickness and poisons.

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