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Daz: I am another Traveller from Earth.
Cody: Traveller?
Daz: Yes, that is what they call us here. Better than Earthlings, though it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth.
— A conversation between Travellers
  Travellers are humans from Earth that visit Realm-R under the protection of one of the Divine Beings. Their role is to bring messages from the DIvine Being, and check on the state of the people of Realm-R, including the Divine prisoners.
  There are three Divine Beings that manage the portals between Realm-R and Earth. They each see over a people group in Lakamha that guards a specific Divine prisoner (a dragon in each case). Thus, the three of them also choose Travellers periodically.
  Travellers are partially chosen for their ability to keep confidence of the Divine prisoners and Realm-R itself (although, such musings from a single person is more likely to portray them as crazy or an indulger of conspiracy theories rather than an interdimensional adventurer). They are also chosen for their skills and availability to take some time to complete the tasks set by the Divine beings.
  If a Traveller has a family, the Divine Being will protect their family while the Traveller is in Realm-R, though Divine Beings tend to appoint those without close kin, unless their skills are necessary or there is no other availability. If the Traveller dies in Realm-R, the family will be compensated.
  Once they return from Realm-R, a Traveller may or may not go back, depending on if new tasks are needed. Back on Earth, they are expected to maintain their normal daily lives, though are given a contact number of the Divine Being for if they ever need to talk about their experiences. They are also given helpful advice that can increase their livlihoods, or a choice of gift, such as paid food for a year.  

Current Travellers

At present, there are two Travellers in Realm-R, Dazz and Cody. Both Travellers are Australian. Indeed, the Divine Beings seems to choose a country for all three of them to appoint Travellers from for a few centuries at a time. Dazz was a scientist on Earth, but after the death of his daughter, he sought to leave the ways of the Divine Being Kyle and seek a new world order under Kulkulkan, the Divine prisoner guarded by the Lakamhaans. Cody is a high school student, only made Traveller to deliver a message out of necessity. Unfotunately, after arriving in Realm-R, the portal he came through was destroyed and so he chooses to help the Lakamhaans gather the materials to fix the portal so he can return home.

The Armband

The easiest way to tell a Traveller from a missing person who got lost is that they are wearing an armband given by one of the Divine Beings. That, and that they are still alive. The armband keeps a human stay alive and well in Realm-R without via a Divine Beings supernatural abilities. As the people in Realm-R have been 'altered' or 'forcibly evolved' from humans into three new races to survive in a different realm, humans from Earth cannot live as they are in Realm-R for more than a day.
  The armband has many other functions as well. Most notibly, it is a communication device connected to other armbands and the Divine Being that sent the Traveller to Realm-R. There is a small weapon installed into the armband. This is something like a handheld crossbow. There is a recording function. There are map and calculator functions as well.
  An armband will only fit one human and will never be reused on another person. This is mostly due to the fact that a blood sample is taken upon first wear and a supernatural liquid is then inserted into the humans' bloodstream. In essence, a supernatural vaccine. A second reason is that the armband wraps around the arm to be as comfortable for that person as possible, and arm sizes are often different between Travellers. A third reason is that an armbands choice of design, and extra functions, will follow with the times of those on Earth
  Cody's armband is black, with red, white, black and green buttons. It fits well on his arm. Cody is one of the few Travellers that have not experienced motion sickness after having wearing the armband for the first time.

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