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Hadwin is a scientist of the Lakamhaan. He is the one in charge of the portal materials and fixing anything about the portal that goes wrong. Thus, he is in charge of fixing the portal to Earth to allow Cody to go back home.



Hadwin likes to be in his lab researching. When crises take place, he is calm, though if only because he is pushing away his flusteredness until later, when he has more facts to understand what the issue is, giving himself little time to mull over it before launching into potential solutions. This has left him having to deal with many problems of the Lakamha.

Physical Appearance

Hadwin is a bit thinner and taller than other Lakamhaa. He has a friendly face. His patterns are not all thin and not all thick like most Lakamha have, and thus likes to wear long sleeves to cover up the visually jarring lines on his arms. There is not much on his face, except for the thinnest of lines even rare for a baby to have.


Hadwin has a dragon scale. It is a rare purple scale from Kukulkan that he has kept in the back of the lab. He hasn't ever told the King (or any other Lakamhaan) about it, but he wasn't trying to hide it either. Mostly, it's just a decoration that he often forgets about. Most Travellers have seen it. And although each of the ones who have seen it have had closer dealings with Kukulkan than others, nothing has influenced him away from the Lakamhaan goals of keeping Kukulkan imprisoned so he sees no reason to question it.
Hadwin does have an assisitant, though they are often lost in the wider world of Realm-R on self-imposed research assignments.
Current Residence
2.2 m

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