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Stone Vine

Stone Vine is a natural energy source found in the world of Realm-R. It is found naturally occurring in all areas of the world. It is an ore, with the rock component a growing organism and the mineral a glowing vine-like element. This element may be extracted in order to be purified and used for energy, or it can be left to grow with the stone (and under certain circumstances may be further grown onto other surfaces).   The vine-like energy element of the stone vine comes in many colours, though they are generally bright to match the aesthetics of the rest of the explored world. Bright purples, blues, greens, pinks, oranges and yellows are most common. Each colour variant generally has a certain area of growth before a new colour may take over. These add to the natural lighting and the general atmosphere of the world.   The Travellers from Earth often view this vine energy as a 'magic' or source of magic, as opposed to simply the laws of another world or realm or dimension. The fact that humans of such ancient cultures as the Mayans, Egyptians and Native Americans have been moved to this 'strange fantasy place' and reshaped into beings known as Elves, Mermaids and Aliens to the Earth Travellers is also often seen as magical, as opposed to the supernatural personal input from the Three Governing Angels .


  • Lighting
  • Power source
  • Energy storage
  • Awesome Deco
  • Food for Tortoise Monster (like the ones with islands on their shells, but only a little taller than the Mayan aliens height. Still big though.
  • Give life energy to the plants around it
The portals in the three villages use the purified mineral in grooves of the stone component (that has been crushed and mixed with other materials) as power cells. These do have to be replaced every few years, though, as the vine mineral likes to eventually spread out and continue to grow, thus disrupting the energy currents if left alone.    The dragons banished from Earth could not be sealed without this power source.
by TaraFaeBelle

Cover image: by Avalon Collier Art


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