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King Tain Pakal

King Tain is the leader of the Lakamhaan people. Most Lakamhaan would say he is a good ruler, and he himself tries to lead their people well, though he constantly feels an 'itch' of too much peace. This is part of his family's punishment however, and keeping Kukulkan imprisoned in this otherwise relatively peaceful world is his mission to uphold above any personal feelings or 'itches'.
He has three children he has passed to his younger brother to raise. Their mother died at the battle of the Cahokian dragon not many years ago and he does not think he could raise them well enough with out her, while still ruling the Lakamhaan people. The oldest will be 100 soon, and traditionally he should pass on the kingship, but the child is sickly, even more so once their mother died.


He has a hearty laughter, though it is rare to hear these days.
He always makes a speech at feasts, even if it is only a short sentence.
As much as he would love to lead a battle into the prison of Kukulkan and rid them of their charge for good, he knows he cannot do this. Their people, although much more powerful than their human ancestors, are still no match for a dragon deity. Instead, he listens to his advisors, and makes plans to keep their people growing while they continue to stop the plans of Kukulkan at every turn. He masks the weariness this brings him as much as he can.

Physical Appearance

As King Tain is of the bloodline of King Pakal (whose family still ruled their people even after their move to Realm-R and subsequent bodily changes), he is taller and larger than other Lakamha of his age. His body patterns are able to move around more than others and glow with differnt brightness. It takes much less effort for their bloodline to accomplish this.
He has the largest headware of all the Lakamhaan, but only wears it during feasts and when Travellers are around. So, it is cleaned regularly and used relatively often.
Current Residence
Long and silky
Ruled Locations

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