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Apothecary Vaneesa

Vaneesa has been a healer in Lakamha for over three hundred years. She has had the title of 'Apothecary' for just over 200 hundred years. As an apprentice, she was very competitive with her fellow apprentices, and made a number of them quit before finishing. As an Apocathaary, she has made a number of apprentices quit with her strict training. Itotia is promising, but Vaneesa will wait for another few years before saying anything permanent, such as a promotion. 
  Vaneesa is most adept in creating potions. She has a large glass wall filled with a lattice of potions. Looking down the lattice, you will see different types of potions, and looking across the lattice you will see different strengths of said potions. Each type is a different colour, and each strength a different tone. This not only lets Vaneesa see at a glance what she has and what needs to be restocked, but also helps the Lakamhaans differentiate their potions.
Be warned, a Traveller may not take any of these potions by themselves.
  As Apocethary, Vaneesa is effectively a mobile doctor to the Lakamhaans. For example, when King Tain's son is ill, Vaneesa is the one called to check on him, bring him medicine and continue to check up on him over the next few days to weeks, depending on how severe the illness is. Vaneesa also patches up wounds, giving anesthetic, sewing stitches and applying casts.
  As the apocethary has to always be open, she has had a number of assistants and / or apprentices that keep an eye on things while she is on her doctor visits. Most of the time, they can either deal with whatever comes their way or manage it long enough to wait for Vaneesa to handle it when she comes back. Vaneesa takes great pride in having her apothecary run 24/7 (equivalent).
Current Location
Current Residence
Apothecary in Lakamha
Long, dark blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Typical Lakamhaan green with navy skin patterns that glow in the dark
2.1 metres

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