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Royal Heir Akna Pakal

Akna Pakal is King Tain's second child and eldest daughter. She is heir to the Lakamhaan throne and engaged to marry warrior Turmec.  


Of the female rulers of the Lakamha, there are two types: warrior princess and priestess princess. While her mother was of the priestess rincess type, Akna is of the warrior princess type. It is rare to see her without her axe or bladed club. She is quick to temper and has the strength to kill multiple 3-horned beasts in one hit - a feat that is exalted even among the warrior class. This tends to prove that she is indeed her father's daughter, as well as the rightful Royal Heir as the curse upon the royal family is clearly seen through her physical struggles (a.k.a 'the itch').
  Akna has a natural affinity in handling weapons and often exhibits a dance-like beauty to her movements. Not showy like the Dagger Dancers, but each movement has a clean efficiency that seems to cut the wind into a new flow. She also knows how to punch. Choosing Turmec as her fiance probably had something to do with the fact that his disposition towards her didn't change after she punched him - and if he was in the wrong he was quick to apologise and fix himself. Something Akna knows she will have to learn from him.
  After her youngest brother was born, Akna's nuturing side was finally seen. She is never sure whether she is older sister or second mother to him - and indeed, is probably both at different times. He barely knew his mother, so he has have less of idea than Aka what the difference is. Her father, and many others, have been relieved to see her mature and think of others in more ways than just strength.  


Akna is slightly above average height for a female Lakamhaan, at 2.1 metres tall, following in her mother's footsteps. As she is only in her 80s. she is likely to grow another another 10-20 cm.
  Like all Lakamhaans, Akna has green skin with dark patterns that glow in the dark. She has dark hair like her mother, though she keeps it short where her mother kept it long.
  The patterns of her body are more often made up of thin lines that thick ones, and are relatively even throughout her body. Also like her mother, there are only a few patterns on her face, but she has the same power of her father to move them around at will. As she likes to be seen looking like her mother, she usually keeps her facial patterns as she was born with. As a child, half her patterns were brighter than her peers when glowing in the dark, and half were duller. She learnt to change the brightnes of her patterns before changing the position and shape, often keeping them dull unless performing royal duties.


Family Ties

King Tain is of the Pakal bloodline, from when their Maya ancestors were born on Earth. Since the death of his wife, and appointing Akna to Royal Heir they have had a somewhat strained relationship. Neither wants to keep it as is, though neither know how to go back to what they used to have. Neither are sure if going back is best, or forging something new is better.  
Although she was not the ruling Queen, she worked as hard as, if not more that King Tain, for the people of Lakamha. King Tain has always recognised her worth and valued her accordingly. She was his frst and highest council and they shared all the highs and lows of life together. The partnership between them is the driving factor King Tain had when he required Akna to choose her lifelong partner before appointing her as Royal Heir. As Akna had grown under her mother, and seen the relationship between her parents amost her whole life, she finally agreed to a lifelong partner with intention to rule together.  
Older brother
His name is Eldwin and he is 98 years old. He is very sickly, more often bedridden than not, thus had to pass on the heirship to Akna. Although he does not have much of an opinion of passing the heirship on, he does regret not being phyically fit enough to just live a 'normal' daily life. He tries not to let it show though, especially to the youngest. He has long since realised that Akna will always find out, though it is only recently that she has been able to express her concern in a constructive way.  
Younger brother
He is a bubbly and cheerful child, with notions to become a scribe when older. He naturally seeks knowledge in everything done, and proves the largest mental hurdle to King Tain. Yet without him, the family could not have been able to survive as well as they have after the death of their mother.  
Turmec is Kirsec's nephew and was chosen by Akna (from a small list curated by her parents and Uncle) as her partner to help her rule Lakamha. He is larger than most Lakamhaans of his age, in part due to his training with Kirsec from young, and quite strong. However, he often feels inadequate to rule and compares himself too much to Akna, thus leading to various 'training stints' in order to improve himself to be worthy of Akna's lifelong partnership. As he voices all of his concerns to Akna, with his sincere praise for her in the midst, Akna has subconciously grown more confident in her upcoming rule of the Lakamhaan people.  
Akna's Uncle has supported his neice and nephew as a second father after the death of his sister-in-law. In particular, he supports all the warrior instincts of Akna and advocated for Akna's choice in her upcoming marriage. Although he looks after the royal children, he is often outside of public eye, and has never been seen during a battle against a Divine Prisoner. Thus, he is often thught of as mysterious by Lakamhaans (if thought of at all) and as suspicious by those who council King Tain and the Royal Heir.
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