Kirsec was a guard and the captain of the soldiers. Started as a Hunter when young, but quickly gained status through military exploits. He has always wanted to be a guide for a Travellor, but since 'the accident' has not had a chance, as he was often on assignment or otherwise needed elsewhere at the time of their arrival. Thus, he is very excited to guide Cody, even if Cody is just a child and won't be staying for long.


As a soldier, he keeps the peace of the town. Not much more than a small scuffle will ever break between towns, but having trained soldiers helps to keep the scuff;es short. Mainly, a soldiers job is to keep the monsters away from the towns, and when there is an influx of monsters, or a mutated types, they work with Hunters in order to solve the problem and regulate the monster population back to sustainable numbers.
An important job of the Captain of the soldiers is to visit the prisons of all three dragons in Realm-R and make sure they have no way to escape. There have been times where the Dragon Caretakers have been persuaded by a dragon for the dragon's selfish purposes, and the Captain's job is to step in and have them replaced, with added measures to prevent a similar situation.


Kirsec is at times stoic, and at times mischievous. He is often cautious with new relationships and tries to test their alligence before something he can't control has a chance to take place. He can be benelovent to his peers, but can hold grudges to those he does not get along with. He has a particular grudge against Daz (the scientist Traveller who betrayed Kyle and them and joined Kukulkan).
Within the town of Lakamha, he is quite well known (held in high regard) and is often asked for advice by those younger than him. He generally obliges.  

Physical Appearance

His age is shown in his slightly decreased height and shorter, less dense hair. Other than that, he looks quite healthy. He is muscular, as all soldiers are.
Current Residence
1.90 m

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