Realm of Shadows


Also known as the Realm of Nightmares, Ubrus is the origin place of Shades, Ghasts, and other malevolent creatures that survive off the darkness. Ubrus is a unique realm being that Sophonts from all over the cosmos are able to access it simply through nightmares. Most do not know they are doing this, nor that they are feeding the denizens of this cruel realm.


Ubrus is the Shadow and Air Realm, it is located in the Ourano's Breath Constellation.


Two great continents sit side-by-side in an ocean of black mist. On one continent, you have the thought-stealing and dream eating Ghasts. Their civilization is that of theft and their architecture and culture is not of their own creation. On the other, you have the shadow-dwelling and light-fearing Shades. They survive off consuming the fear and dark thoughts of the cosmos, even going as far as kidnapping those easily frightened from other realms. Children are extremely susceptible to this tactic, finding themselves trapped in Torment Wells until they can no longer feel fear.

Atmospheric Conditions

Always cloudy to block out the sun. This is by design and a well-maintained magic by the Sophonts of Ubrus. They have great towers that maintain this.


Thought-Stealing and Dream-Eating Ghasts. Shadow-Dwelling and Light-Fearing Shades. There is a race of Manfolk here spawned from the stolen children, they are emotionless and cruel. They have a tendency to escape Ubrus and find themselves trapped in the Great Empty.


Choking vines, pointy plants, and all things cruel you might find in a Tim Burton film.


Creatures that feed off the darkness and are born of nightmares.

Energy Sources

Glow is produced through emotional distress such as fear, rage, or hate. However, the natives of Ubrus are unable to feel these things so it must be harvested from other parts of the Cosmos. Primal Shadow is drawn from the minds of Sophonts across the cosmos and poured into rivers of raw power.


They have magic that allows them to tap into every realm, except Ravare, and steal dark dreams and horrific visions. They use this as fuel for their magic and their varied technology. Ghasts are more magically inlined while Shades rely on strange tech. (Think the film Nine).


Realm of Shadows


Realmic Index


Denizens of Ravare do not know of Ubrus.

General Information

Dimensional plane


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