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Before you is a choice of allegiance to a power far greater than yourself. While one may remain a neutral bystander while reading the Paracosm of Ravare, know that you will be kept in the dark about the true secrets of the cosmos. Ten forces seek to lay claim to the most realms under their control. While each share a goal, the method and reason for their conquest is unique.
To simplify matters, we have split the ten into two ill-defined groups simply titled Order and Chaos. On the side of Order, the Primordials seek to control the realms so that they may be sheltered, stagnated, or even in some cases returned to the emptiness they once were. On the side of Chaos, the Primordials wish to be free to grow, consume, and expand without hinderance. To be of order is to seek safety, to be of chaos is to crave freedom.

In a more literal context, choosing an Adherent faction grants you the ability to see secrets, insights, musings, and more across our WorldAnvil site. In the future, it will also supply benefits on our Discord and Forums.

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Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
While it is possible to just keep switching roles to uncover every secret, we ask you politely not to. One, it ruins the fun a bit. Two, it spams me something terrible everytime someone switches a lot.

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Primal Earth

Primal Earth is favored by those who wish to control the environment around them, protect those who cannot protect themselves, or grow their fortunes.
Earth Concepts
Stone, Protection, Ores, Gems, Metal, Soil, Steadfast, and Greed

Primal Water

Primal Water is favored by those who value the immense power of the waves, the calming nature of still ponds, and the cleansing powers of water itself.
Water Concepts
Seas, Depths, Erosion, Force, Pressure, Rivers, Cleanliness, and Rain

Primal Decay

Primal Decay is favored by those who wish to see the world succumb to their will, those that wish to control the dead, or sometimes just simple mushroom farmers.
Decay Concepts
Rot, Death, Sickness, Filth, Poison, Stagnation, Corpses, and Fungi

Primal Ice

Primal Ice is favored by those who want control and order in all things, understand the importance of constraint or containment, or wish to live forever.
Ice Concepts
Frost, Control, Cold, Crystals, Stillness, Timelessness, Containment, and Order

Primal Light

Primal Light is favored by those of lawful or moral natures, astrologists and astronomers, and those that wish to contact things past the veil of death.
Light Concepts
Radiation, Law, Skies, Space, Celestial, Holiness, Visions, and Ghosts


Primal Air

Primal Air is favored by those who value freedom above all else, seek to travel many lands or even realms, or crave the limitless power of flight.
Air Concepts
Wind, Flight, Wisdom, Travel, Seeking, Emptiness, Clouds, and Freedom

Primal Fire

Primal Fire is favored by those who seek power for the sake of power, a variety of aritsans that require heat for their craft, and those that wish to purify the realms to start anew.
Fire Concepts
Heat, Pain, Rebirth, Energy, Purification, Magma, Stars, and Consumption

Primal Life

Primal Life is favored by those who wish to adapt to any environment, grow closer with nature in all forms, or simply those that wish to consume and grow.
Life Concepts
Growth, Plenty, Flora, Fauna, Hunger, Energy, Healing, and Adaptability

Primal Storm

Primal Storm favors those that find chaos to be a powerful tool, powerful magi that wish to control the very weather, or those who rely on the seasons to survive.
Storm Concepts
Power, Chaos, Quakes, Blizzards, Destruction, Seasons, Weather, and Frenetic

Primal Shadow

Primal Shadow is favored by those who favor the dark of night, both silent predators and careful prey, and any who wish to keep their actions hidden from the light.
Shadow Concepts
Darkness, Predators, Venom, Prey, Undeath, Silence, Corruption, and Fear


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9 Feb, 2022 15:37

I love this idea. I have now joined and it would be very interesting to see if there are any of these that pull drastically ahead of others.

Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

10 Feb, 2022 01:08

Once a few more people join I will comment again with stats! Currently, it's about 1 for each.

Author of Ravare.
Silena Jackson
3 Mar, 2022 05:18

I have joined! I think this is very interesting and I don't think I have come across this type of article before. I like it!

3 Mar, 2022 19:48

This is really cool, except that I don't know which one to join XD

3 Mar, 2022 22:02

There are currently 10 Air, 2 Decay, 6 Earth, 2 Fire, 1 Ice, 3 Life, 1 Light, 8 Shadow, 5 Storm, and 5 Water.   I doubt that helps but here are stats! Haha!

Author of Ravare.
4 Mar, 2022 21:57

Also, how do you get access to the secrets? I don't understand.

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