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Ravare, as a setting, is a massive and complex Dark Fantasy universe built to explore concepts such as "What if the Divine walked among us?" and "How would having magic, at a cost, affect everyday life?". The entirety of Ravare, known as the Cosmos, is made up of 45 realms of existence. Each Realm is bound to two primary elements that decide the metaphysical laws of that Realm.
Within each of these Realms exists life, in one form or another. Some life may require intense heat to survive, while other life forms need only bathe in resplendent light. What remains almost constant in each Realm is the presence of Sophonts. Every Sophont has several innate qualities: the capacity to reason, the will to enact change on the universe, and a powerful source of energy known as the Soul.
Though there are stories to be told in every Realm about every people, most of the setting's narrative focus takes place on the world known as Ravare, the Realm of Abundance. This Realm is rich with history and material wealth but was carefully severed from the rest of the Cosmos by unknown powers eons ago. Unfortunately for Ravare's denizens, exotoric contact has reestablished itself with the rise of Lord Tennant, God of Portals.

The Sophont

What separates man from beasts?

The Mind

Many creatures throughout the Cosmos can devise traps, communicate in groups, and even construct grand homes or durable tools. But what makes a Sophont's mind different from the rest is their ability to imagine, for better or worse. Every Sophont has a spark within them, giving them the ability to create wonders, invent the impossible, and conceive of countless possibilities for the future. However, this ability comes at a cost. This drive pushes them to understand why they exist and why all things exist alongside them, propelling them towards scientific and magical progress. Thus, robbing their worlds of the wonderful splendor found in their prior ignorance.

The Will

Where there are Sophonts, there is change. Beasts may build homes or destroy the land, but their reach is only so far. Elementals may battle each other in large Cabals, but their changes only last as long as their Cabal holds power. Sophonts, on the other hand, can change the very fabric of reality as we know it. Change is an inevitability with Sophonts. Like the transformation of seasons or the shifting of tides, change comes to all things in the Cosmos; the meddling of Sophonts only further aids its transition. Unfortunately for the Cosmos, they rarely realize their actions' true ramifications and often leave the Cosmos to suffer the full brunt of their consequences.

The Soul

Within every Sophont in the Cosmos resides a source of infinite power known as the Sophontic Soul. Each of these eternal sparks of pure creation can fuel the Cosmos' divine spellcraft, known as Miracles or Chants. Yet, they can perform even more unimaginable feats of wonder when brought together in truest harmony. So powerful are the Souls of Sophonts when unified by their religions or ideals that the very laws of reality itself can be twisted and torn like molding clay beneath the careful touch of a dutiful artist. Thus mortal men create Divine creatures able to wield Faith as if it were as simple as weaving the Glow, and gods among men are born into this world.

Character Default, Flat Cover

by Damion Otter


Magic forged the Cosmos from the eternal emptiness, made the Divine, and constructed the Realms. I have witnessed he who creates, the god of all gods, and basked in the wonders of his creation. All magic, be it Faith, Primal, or even the Glow, is but a paltry imitation of the true powers of creation. Yet we as mortals cannot help but play god and mold the Cosmos to our whims and wills.
Excerpt from Observations of a Spellcaster by Elias Dods


The Glow is the collective term used to refer to all magics derived from the manipulation of the Cosmos' most fundamental forces. It is the magic practiced by Spellweavers, Magi, and Wizards alike; it is known colloquially to the common folk as Arcane magic. Like a muscle, the Arcane grows and strengthens with time and use; likewise, it will degrade and wither like the legs of a cripple when left unutilized.


Primal Magic is the term used to refer to all naturalistic sorcery that draws from the basic binding elements that make up the Realms. It is the magic of Shamans, Druids, and Sorcerers across the Cosmos; known as Elemental Magic, Primal Conduits rely entirely on their Realms to fuel their spellcraft. Its reliance on the Realms has it lacking other magics' limitless potential but makes up for it in reliability and potency.


Faith is the collective term for the power found within the Sophontic Soul wielded by both gods and mortals alike. While immensely powerful on its own, each Soul contains only a modest amount of spiritual energy that, when harvested through steadfast worship or shared beliefs, allows Faith Magic Chanters to perform impossible feats known as Miracles. It is the magic of Priests, Holy Warriors, and Skalds.


What is a Divine, and what fuels their deific power?
An individual, creature, or even concept will ascend to Divinity when imbued with enough Faith and entwined with a divine source of power known as a Domain. A can directly tap into these fonts of magic fueled by their worshipers' Sophontic Souls and their collective beliefs used to embody that deity with simplified concepts. Yet as the Sophontic Soul gives them power, so too does it enslave them to their faithful. Forevermore are the at the mercy of their followers and the theologies they establish to represent their honored gods. Fickle things that change and twist, like the Realms, to the ever-shifting whims and wills of mortal Sophonts.
A power is only as strong as their Domain, and with every Miracle produced, it grows weaker. Only through time and the prayers of Sophonts can these celestial fonts recharge their powers. Thus, it is crucial for all to maintain large groups of dedicated followers to stay powerful. When share Domains, they are particularly vulnerable. They must ensure that their associates do not draw too heavily upon their shared font nor leech off the power provided by one's own religious followers. There are other methods of gaining a Domain other than great institutions of worship, such as slaying a or even being gifted one by an established deity. There is no limit on how many Domains a singular can wield; generally, when one attains too many, they become chaotic, unstable, and prone to deadly mistakes.

Here you can find an ever-expanding list of Divines found across the Cosmos. Most are collected into godly alliances known as Pantheons, though they may not work together in harmony. Those not beholden to such assembles are often either lesser gods or the fateful Divine who have faded away or perished.


In the beginning, there was naught but twelve lights in the sky . . . And each of these lights represented the core powers of the universe. . . Together, they were able to create the Realms of the Cosmos, each in the image of its parents . . . Ravare and her twin moons are but one of these Realms.
— First Men Creation Myths, Abridged
As stated above, two Primary Elements make up all Realms within the Ravare Setting. With ten of these in play and each world always consisting of two Elements different from each other, we end up with a total of 45 unique Realms in the Cosmos. Scholars have devised a way to codify each Realm by its cultural and natural pillars, to organize these Realms better as they are discovered.
These defining pillars include a Realm's general level of technological achievement and its people's adherence to the quest for scientific progress; its denizen's grasp of one or more of the magical arts and their acceptance of such power into their daily lives; the Realm's overall level of safety and survivability for traditional forms of life in the Cosmos; the Realm's diversity in life both native and exotoric in nature; and finally the Realm's connection to the rest of the Cosmos.
However, these pillars are rarely stable constants or particularly truthful due to their basis on first-impressions and second-hand accounts of exotoric Realms. But as exploration trudges forward and scholars record their knowledge, each Realm's classification becomes more accurate.
The Denizens of Ravare have very little knowledge on how Realms work, but the scholars of Seawatch are making great strides in understanding the Cosmos that has been suddenly revealed to them.

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