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Olkedo Session 3

General Summary

The group makes it to Faversham and asks around about Captain Stancliff Preston's supposed lover Akari Oshiro. They find mention of her in a journal in the library. Akari was the daughter of the Emperor, and the journal says she was in a love triangle with Captain Preston and Mahavir Burman. The journal also mentions Akari's sister Kasumi was working on some plan to stop the spread of Majimonsters. Nieve learns that her brother Rayne probably went to The Scar to look for a legendary Majimonster. A mysterious stranger pickpockets the black stone from them and tells them there is another one in the Ruined Keep to the east. He seems to think the stones will be safer with them and gives them the key to the Keep. In the Keep they find 3 skeletons, a journal, and another black stone.  

Detailed Summary

  On the road to Faversham, Jebedaiah Bateman, Nieve Powell, Toshi Ryoko, and Brick come across 6 Voltortoise surrounding 2 travelers and decide to help. They defeat the Voltortoise and meet the travelers, Spinaka Paya and Rasputia. They learn that Rasputia is trying to lift a drought on her farm that she believes to be a curse. Spinaka is the strong silent type and isn’t very talkative. They decide to go the rest of the way to Faversham together.   In Faversham, Nieve drops by her mother Aubriana Powell's house to say hello. Jebedaiah sneaks behind her to eavesdrop. Aubriana is glad to see her daughter and mentions some new binders in town.   Spinaka and Rasputia go to the Ale-ing Avatoise Inn. Spinaka orders a drink and Rasputia orders some chicken. Rasputia mentions the curse on her farm to the barkeep, Willard Jensen and he mentions that there is a curse on a family in Olkedo, as well. The women of the family all leave mysteriously without a word to anyone.   Brick hits the general store and Toshi goes to the library. Toshi asks if there is any book that mentions Akari Oshiro. The librarian says there is a new book that mentions her and leads Toshi to the Emperor's Servant's Journal. The book seems to be written by a servant of the Emperor, and speaks of the love triangle between Captain Stancliff Preston, Akari Oshiro, and Mahavir Burman and also of Akari's sister Kasumi Oshiro trying to stop the MajiMonster threat. Toshi also asks about the Mahavir mentioned in the journal but the librarian says he has only ever seen his name in this journal. He asks about the Emperor and finds a book about him. He ruled in the time of the Maji and was killed by a MajiMonster. He was killed before The Fall of the Maji, where people revolted against the Maji and killed them and burned their books of magic.   Nieve and Brick then go to the tavern where Spinaka still drinks. Willard Jensen greets Nieve and she asks him about any rumors. Willard spills that he overheard her brother, Rayne Powell, talking to Flint Paelun the night before he left. He says Flint told Rayne about a MajiMonster he saw by The Scar.   Rasputia asks at the library about the Ryoko family and the librarian tells her that she might have better luck asking about them in the Faversham Binders Guild, as their oldest son just joined the Olkedo Binders Guild.   Toshi goes to the Binders Guild and talks to the Guild master, Fernando Laguna. He asks him about the mysterious black stone. Fernando thinks the stone is a Maji artifact but he doesn't have any idea what it does. He says sometimes Maji artifacts are beneficial but sometimes they can be dangerous. He warns to be careful with it. Fernando asks after Iscyra Oxblood and Toshi tells him that she is still salty. Fernando tells Toshi that she has been salty ever since she lost her Maji artifact. She lost a magical strength enhancing belt in the fight with the MajiMonster that injured her.   Jebedaiah then speaks to Rasputia in the tavern and learns that she is interested in finding out about the Ryoko family. Jebedaiah tells her that Toshi is a member of the family. Rasputia then asks Toshi about his family. Toshi explains that his mother Haruki Ryoko, just left one day without saying anything to anyone, and his father Randal Ryoko Sr. went to look for her. His grandmother Kyoko Ryoko left in a very similar fashion before he was born. Toshi suspects his grandfather Noboru Ryoko knows something about it but isn't telling. Rasputia asks if Toshi has any sisters, and Toshi tells her that he has two, Oki Ryoko and Usagi Ryoko but they are still around. If the curse affects the women of his family, it hasn't affected them yet.   They all meet up and decide to go investigate The Ruined Keep they learned about from the Book of Ruins together. Brick and Jebedaiah have a bit of a tussle and in the commotion a tall, muscular binder with graying red hair brushes past Toshi and pickpockets the stone from him. Once he realizes what he has, he turns around and addresses the group, wanting to know where they got the stone. He wants to know what they know about it and why they have it. Jebedaiah lies and says it is a family heirloom and he got it from his mother. The mysterious stranger says it is a dangerous Maji artifact and that there are equally dangerous people looking for them. Then he asks, knowing that, would they like to know where another one is? He says that the next one is in the very same ruined keep that they are going to, and hands them the key to it. They ask why he would want them to have the artifact. He says the dangerous people know what he looks like, so he believes the stones will be safer with them for now.   They leave town and head out to the ruins. They come across a rickety wooden bridge on the way and cross it without incident. They continue on and when they can see the keep in the distance a small creature jumps out of the bushes and runs off with one of Jebedaiah’s chickens. They go after it and find the creature with 5 others in a crumbled room of the keep which appears to be a kitchen, where the creatures have piled a hoard of food on the floor and placed Jebedaiah's chicken on top of the pile. They fight and defeat the Effdien and rescue the chicken, and find some rations that are still good. They exit the ruined kitchen and explore the rest of the keep. They insert the key into a lock on the door of the one structure that is still standing and enter. Inside they find 3 skeletons and a Journal of 3 Trapped Maji on the table. The journal appears to have been written by a Maji. It mentions a locked chest, so they search the room for one and eventually they find a locked trap door in the floor. Then they look for the key. They find the key under a bookshelf. In the trap door they find 150 Imperials, another black stone, and 6 drajules with monsters in them. The stones fit together but don’t make a complete object. The stones feel like their magical power is stronger combined. They decide to forge a journal and leave it behind to replace the other in order to throw off anyone else that comes looking for the stone. It says that the Maji sent their friend Elusia with the stone to Pearlwich. They take out the parts about the key and drajules. They bury one skeleton and leave a cabbage in the trap door. On the way back to Faversham, they come to the bridge again and this time there are some binders on it asking for a toll....

Rewards Granted

  • 5 xp
  • 150 Imperials
  • Some rations
  • 6 drajules with monsters inside
  • Another mysterious black stone

Missions/Quests Completed

The Ruined Keep


Episode end song: From the Flame - Leprous

Report Date
28 Aug 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location
The Ruined Keep

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