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Spinaka Paya

Last year's Thrice Full Moon was a rough one. The MajiMonsters were more ruthless than ever under the influence of the moons and Spinaka's small town was not able to stand against them. Spinaka tried to defend his town against the onslaught, but the monsters were too powerful. It was a miracle he even survived. After the Thrice Full Moon was over nothing and no one was left of the town, except Spinaka.   After that terrible night Spinaka decided to wander, helping settlements along the way deal with MajiMonsters, but never staying long enough to form any attachments. No that would be much too painful if things went awry. After a while he started having a reoccurring dream of a ruin deep in the forest. He didn't think much of the dream until one day he saw the same ruin standing before him in reality. Intrigued, he explored the ruin and found a faintly luminescent green orb. When he picked up the orb he saw a vision of a smiling woman in a flowing green dress and vines of ivy growing on her limbs. She pointed off into the distance and the vision faded. Spinaka decided to travel in the direction that the lady pointed, and eventually came upon another great ruin. In this ruin stood 10 statues, and Spinaka recognized one of the statues as the figure of the lady that appeared to him in his vision. At the base of her statue there was a depression of the exact size to hold the orb. Spinaka placed the orb in the basin and it started glowing more strongly than ever. There was a great flash of light and afterwards there was a necklace of green beads at the base of the statue that Spinaka was sure wasn't there before. Spinaka took the necklace and left.   When he wears the necklace he notices that his Hibisticuffs seems a little stronger and he himself is a little better at talking to people than he was before. He doesn't know who the green lady was, or the other figures in the temple, but he has a feeling if he finds all the orbs his greatest wish will be granted. Later he met another traveling binder on the road who told him of an ancient Maji with a penchant for hiding treasure. Not having any other leads on where to find more orbs, Spinaka heads to Faversham to find out more about this Captain Preston.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Flora's Grace - a green-beaded necklace.
Year of Birth
1620 18 Years old

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