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Silver Key


Initial Founders and Executives

One small delphi startup composing of just 3, 5 and then 10 people who were aiming to commercialize the pores on Hothtaaz's back.   While burrowing into the flesh, the team came across an architectural staircase and the subsequent discoveries that followed. This convinced them to establish themselves in this spot and populate the surrounding crater marks.

Visitors and Crew

Alphi crave new and unusual experiences. Their adventurous spirit lead many to chose it as a vacation expedition.   Others choose to take on exploratory contracts for little monetary compensation in return for abundant support and supplies in equipment and free accommodation.

Industry & Trade

Vacation Experiences

Employees guide visitors through the lower levels of the Bow for Harmpannetsu's concerts.
Employees direct hiking trails through braced muscle, guide groups down the spiraling mockery and towards the first of the stratum floors.



A 500m long glass tower that connects the dome, at the surface, to the mall hanging from the throat. The tower twists and turns along a tubular artery where a gondola ride between the upper and lower lobbies takes 20 minutes one-way.


The Bow

A silver dome with a 300m base that houses a major service center and accommodations for patrons to the concert digs.

The Blade

A multi-level, saucer-like superstructure made of surgical grade steel catering to travelers destined to the Mockery and the Stratum Floors.
With this, we mean to unlock the secrets of this mighty beast
— stated reason for its name "Silver Key"


Light Boxes

Emergency communication and signaling devices stapled directly onto the flesh walls along a pre-established path.

Plastic Suits

Neoprene helmets, visors, cleated boots and cuff segmented pants and jackets for trekking through the flesh folds around Silver Key.

Utility Buses

Venterial vehicles, burrowing platforms and other specialized anatomical crafts as the vanguard for exploration.

Guilds and Factions


A monopolistic company dealing in natural resource extraction, research and producing various pharmaceutical products, scientific equipment, technology and snacks.

Research Committee

An international research association made up of biologists, scientists and botanists responsible for advertising and certifying Iodex's products for commercialization.

Security Department

A special forces detachment responsible for maintaining order and security.

Points of interest

Concert Digs

There are thousands upon thousands of sunken depressions on Hothtaaz's back and all being serenaded by their hostess Harmpannetsu.


Several free-standing areas serving drinks on the outer rim of the dome's waiting spaces.


Many third-party run operations along the middle inner rim of the Dome and at the top center of the saucer mall.

Support Facilities

Scattered physical space related to utilities, maintenance, supplies, mail rooms, conference rooms, switchboards, security, cafeteria and receptionist services.

Food Court

Many independent contractors work on the dome's ground floor and in the very center of the saucer.


Large circular rooms that catered to and feast visitors at the bottom of the dome and at the top of the saucer.


Building / Landmark | Dec 11, 2022
An intermediary area between the Silver Key and the labyrinth under Hothaaz's skin.   From the top of the case, the stairs curve around like a nautilus shell; appearing to shrink the deeper you look.
Stratum Floors
Building / Landmark | Dec 11, 2022
A labyrinthine complex that exists under the creature's skin.   Inspite of the fleshy exterior, the interior is composed of human architectural structures that shift from one style or orientation to another.


Nut and Screw Cross-Section

A cross section of Silver Key makes it look like a pin had been jammed into the body. It is composed of a huge dome anchored firmly onto the surface and caps a long tower that pierces deep into the layers of tissue. It ends at a saucer shaped building that covers the ceiling overlooking an abyss.


Massive Superorganism

The fleshscape is part of the internal biology of a worm-like entity that is ever sleeping.   The biogeography around the glass elevator is heavily exploited for its gamey meat, electrical neurons and curious chemicals. Its multi-dimensional facets, on the other hand, are a terrific hazard for the fieldworkers.


Silver Key can be divided into three structures that experience radically different environments:
  1. Dome: No temperature
  2. Elevator: Outside the tower section is uncomfortably warm and humid
  3. Saucer: Both the mall and mockery are comfortably temperate and dry
Underground / Vault
  • 20,000-150,000 Tourists
  • 63,000 Employees
  • 17,000 Extraction Crew
  • 12,500 Research Crew
  • ~500 Undocumented
  • Inhabitant Demonym
    Iodex Staff
    Location under
    Viennese Waltz
    Building / Landmark | Nov 15, 2022

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