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Olivarenith is the 5th planet from its home star Riloneth, a B-type main sequence star, and the birthplace of the Ibrovinid species. 55.7% of the surface consists of landmasses, while the other 44.3% is covered by oceans and various bodies of water, most of which are made of methane and tiny traces of other non-oxygen substances. The planet's surface is also broken up into 41 tectonic plates.
The surface area of Olivarenith is 377.69 million square kilometers, the volume is 574 billion cubic kilometers. The total water surface area is 123.58 million square kilometers, and the total landmass surface area is 210.42 square kilometers. The planet has two natural satellites, Eimar and Uliom. The gravitational pull exerted by the two moons causes the planet to wobble slightly in its orbit, and creates immense weather occurrences on the planet itself. Uliom's mass is so great that the planet's distance from Riloneth is affected, leading to a cycle of summer and winter that occurs annually.
A 'day' (the time it takes for the planet to rotate once) is around 324 Earth days. The time it takes for Eimar to orbit around the planet is roughly 1/9 the timespan. The time it takes for Uliom to orbit once is 2592 days. Thus, the Ibrovinids, who, due to their slow metabolisms, perceive these times as extremely fast compared to us, have use these timespans to create a time system quite different from that of humans. In this system, the 'day' is instead 9 days, with Eimar's orbit denoting the day and Uliom's denoting the year.
As of now there are around 80 billion Ibrovinids currently living on the planet.



There are three continents on the planet; Urnimrine, Julvahest, and Bluzaquin. They take up 55%, 18%, and 27% of the total landmass, respectively.


Urnimrine, colored red in the following map, is about 115.731 million square kilometers in area. It is separated into 4 regions; the Kalzuth Plains (Kalzuth-Zarfoihu), Tayzem Region (Tayzem-Eisarpol), Blivonic Valley (Blivon-Arzreazar), and Shattered Earth (Arzub-Aramytatamey-Zarpol). There are 6 rivers, 5 mountain ranges, and 3 forests in Urnimrine.


Julvahest, represented with a yellow hue, is about 37.88 million square kilometers in area. It is separated into 3 regions; the Northern Isthmus (Zaroadthu-Entaph), Jagged Wildlands (Kirfurapol-Schvere-Zarpol), and the Colossal Island (Zalfis-Umilzar). There are 2 rivers, 1 mountain range, and 1 forest in Julvahest.


Bluzaquin, in green, is about 56.81 million square kilometers in area. There are 1 river, 2 mountain range, and 1 forest in Bluzaquin.
The continents of Olivarenith
The continent of Urnimrine is labeled red, Julvahest yellow, and Bluzaquin green.


The continents are separated by 5 oceans, from largest to smallest; Kamaloa Ocean, Erithorn Ocean, Eupheridian Ocean, Illinodes Ocean, and Blip Ocean. They take up 31%, 29%, 27%, 8%, and 5% of the total water surface, respectively.


The non-Ibrovinidian organisms are sparsely dotted around the planet in discreet and concentrated packets of life. This is due to the harsh and unpredictable weather of the planet; during the summer, many parts of the surface are burned by sunlight to the point of searing; however, the places where life is prevalent are the places where the methane clouds, combined by the shade of the moons, frequently coincide, shading the surface from sunlight. However, where the sun is not in view, the planet becomes extremely cold, down to around -56 degrees Celsius, and as a result, most organisms living here have developed intricate heat and energy storage systems, and, to combat the strong winds created by the two moons' pulls, they have also formed tight bonds with other members of its species.
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