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The Urnimrine is the largest of the three continents of Olivarenith. It measures 115.731 million square kilometers in area, takes up 55% of the total land area and 34.65% of the total surface area of the planet. It harbors over 60 billion Ibrovinid, which amounts to 75% of Olivarenith's total population.
Generally, the continent borders 4 of the 5 major oceans; Erithorn Ocean is to the south, Eupheridian Ocean to the east, Kamaloa Ocean to the north, and Blip to the west. As for the other two continents, Bluzaquin is located to the north of Urnimrine, separated from each other by the Kamaloa Ocean. Julvahest borders the Urnimrine via the Julvahessian Isthmus to the east. In this way, the two continents of Urnimrine and Julvahest form an m-shape around the two oceans of Erithorn and Eupheridian.
The Urnimrine holds notable significance as the origin of the Ibrovinid species, as the earliest known civilization, the Elironid, thrived in the Nuzowli Mountain Range as early as 25187 AYM. As more and more Ibrovinids left and settled elsewhere, they colonized most of the Urnimrine and spread towards the other two continents. The last territory to be conquered was the Kalzuth Plains, whose first recorded settling occurred in 22812 AYM.


Geographical Regions

The Urnimrine is separated into 4 geographical territories; the Kalzuth Plains (Kalzuth-Zarfoihu), Tayzem Region (Tayzem-Eisarpol), Blivonic Valley (Blivon-Arzreazar), and Shattered Earth (Arzub-Aramytatamey-Zarpol; often shortened to Aramyzarpol). Individually, they occupy 20%, 18%, 31%, and 31% of the continent's total landmass, respectively.

Geographical Features


There are 6 prominent rivers in the Urnimrine; the Arbin, Kairn, Iagos, Litona, Pulmna, and Conora.
The Arbin River System is the colloquial term for three major rivers, the Arbin, Peros and Moriv, all joining together into a single watercourse before emptying into the Erithorn. This River System as well as the Mountain Range of the same name serves as the boundary between the Tayzem Region and the Blivonic Valley.
The Kairn River System, like the aforementioned Arbin River System, consists of three rivers, called the Kairn, Lom, and Porifan. It is located in the Blivonic Valley and empties into the Erithorn Ocean.
The Iagos River coils around the Aragnia Mountain Range and empties into the Kamaloa Ocean to the norrth. It, alongside the aforementioned Aragnia Mountain Range, forms the boundary between the Blivonic Valley and the Shattered Earth.
The Litona River is located in the Shattered Earth, and coils around the Amolean Mountain Range to empty southward. Because its estuary is just a few hundred kilometers away from the Erithorn and Eupheridian Oceans' borders, the water empties into both oceans.
The Pulmna River is located in the Kalzuth Plains. It is the planet's southernmost river and snakes through both the Kalzuth Mountain Range and the Muniskra Forest before it empties into the Erithorn Ocean.
The Conora River is located in the Shattered Earth and empties into the Eupheridian Ocean. It is the easternmost river in the Urnimrine.

Mountain Ranges

There are 5 mountain ranges in the Urnimrine; the Arbin, Nuzowli, Kalzuth, Koi, Aragnia, and Amolean.
The Arbin Mountain Range, alonside the River System of the same name, forms the official border between the geographical territories of the Tayzem Region and the Blivonic Valley.
The Nuzowli Mountain Range is a thin horizontal streak that runs in the nothern Blivonic Valley. In it is the world's highest point, the Vuednevir, standing at 10,919 meters.
The Kalzuth Mountain Range is the only mountain range in the Kalzuth Plains.
The Koi Mountains are located in the Blivonic Valley, and the Kairn River System flows through it.
The Aragnia Mountains, situated in the Shattered Earth, run parallel to the coast of the Aragnia Bay. The Iagos River origins from this mountain range.
The Amolean Mountain Range surround the Pulmna River in the Shattered Earth as it travels into the oceans.


The Volain Forest is located in the Blivonic Valley. The Kairn River System flows through it. This forest is occupied by the Volan Tree, a species characterized with multicolored trunks and large black leaves.
The Oluminsu Forest is located in the Shattered Earth, and is situated east of the Iagos River.
The Muniskra Forest is located in the Kalzuth Plains. The Kalzuth Mountain Range stretches through the middle of this forest.
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