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Julvahest is the smallest of the three continents on the plamet of Olivarenith. It measures 37.88 million square kilometers in area, and takes up 18% of all landmass and 11.34% of the total surface area. Its population is roughly 13 billion Ibrovinids, or about 16.25% of the planet's population, making it the most densely populated continent out of the three.
The continent borders 4 of the 5 oceans; the Eupheridian is to the west, Illinodes is to the south, Blip is to the east, and Kamaloa is on its north. The Urnimrine continent is to its west, connected via the Julvahessian Isthmus. Bluzaquin is to its northwest, separated via the Kamaloa Ocean.


Geographic Regions

The Julvahest continent is split into 3 geographical territories; the Northern Isthmus (Zaroadthu-Entaph), Jagged Wildlands (Kirfurapol-Schvere-Zarpol), and the Colossal Island (Zalfis-Umilzar). They make up 20%, 57%, and 23% of the continent's total landmass.

Geographical Features

Julvahest contains 2 rivers, 1 mountain ranges, and 1 forest.


The Hanora River is located on the Colossal Island and flows west into the Erithorn Ocean. 


The Culurol River is located in the Jagged Wildlands, and is the only river to empty into the Illinodes River.


The Xoroth Mountain Range is a narrow line of peaks that splits the Northern Isthmus in two.


The Gunerifa Forest is the largest forest on Olivarenith. It spans the entire western half of the Jagged Wildlands.
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