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Kamaloa Ocean

The Kamaloa Ocean is the largest Ocean on Olivarenith and separates the continents of Urnimrine and Julvahest from the northern continent of Bluzaquin. Its area is 38.31 million square kilometers, which equates to 31% of the planet's water surface and 11.47% of the planet's total surface area. 
The area of the Kamaloa Ocean straddling the two landmasses is sometimes referred to as the Strait of Umbalar. Ranging from 153,000 to 204,200 kilometers in width and 1.5 million kilometers in length, this would make the Strait of Umbalar the largest and widest strait on the planet.


There are 2 major rivers that empty into the Kamaloa Ocean; Polano from the Bluzaquin continent and Iagos from the Urnimrine continent.
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