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The Ernysam is a genus of around 10 species that dwells in all 5 oceans, most commonly near the ocean floor. They are characterized by a long serpentine body covered with scales and ridges. Like all other animals in Olivarenith, the Ernysam feeds off of the energy released by breaking rocks. Because of their reclusive nature, they are rarely seen, but their effect on the aquatic ecosystem of the planet is immense.

Basic Information


The Ernysam is around 20 meters long at adulthood. Its body can be divided into 2 parts; the head and the body. 


The Head of the creature takes up around 20% of the entire creature's length at birth and around 3-5% at adulthood. Like the rest of its body it is covered in thick scales and grooves to protect itself while burrowing. There are also 6 large spikes that point forward to aid in burrowing. The creature has no eyes, ears or mouth.


The Body of the creature is covered in scales. Many individual variables of the scales like shape, size, and even a potential lack of scales in specific areas change between species.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Like many other creatures in Olivarenith, the Ernysam senses its environment primarily via echolocation, which it employs via the rhythmic movements it naturally uses to swim. When the muscles contract, the scales scrap against each other, propelling a series of loud vibrations through the water. This gives the creature awareness of the space to its left and right, but the area immediately in front of it is accounted for by a
Conservation Status
Unknown due to its location in the ocean floor


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