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Gauharn was a Lotaoian town located southeast of the Merios Lake and west of the Arbin Mountain Range. It existed from 24995 to 22890 AYM and was about 300 kilometers south of Xievre, the capital city of Lotao.
Gauharn was founded in 24995 AYM by Murhane, the eldest of Samureo's children. From its founding to around 24963 AYM, this city served to welcome immigrants coming from the south. 
During the Gauharn Invasion of 12 Anta-Eimarae, 22899 AYM, the town was razed by Pinothian forces from the south, and again during the twin battles of Gauharn in 13 and 17 Nota-Eimarae, 22890 AYM. From thereon the town, which was by now a pile a rubble, was never rebuilt, and a memorial was instead constructed on the site in 22673 AYM.

22890 AYM

Founding Date
24995 AYM
Location under
Owning Organization


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