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Bluzaquin is one of three continents on the planet Olivarenith. It is wholly situated in the Northern Hemisphere, and surrounded by the Kamaloa Ocean on all sides. Its area is 56.81 million square kilometers and its population is 5.6 billion Ibrovinids, which makes up 7% of the world's total population. Most of the inhabitants are concentrated in cities and towns along the southwestern coast. 


Geographical Features

There is 1 major river, 2 mountain ranges, and 1 forest in Bluzaquin. 


The Polano River flows from the Oxorfod Mountain Range and serves to supply the Bluzaquinian citizens as well as the Almoter Forest with valuable nutrients. 


The Oxorfod Mountain Range takes up the whole peninsula on which it stands. During the winter, its snowcapped peaks can occasionally give rise to giant avalanches.


The Entuquaph Mountain Range is the largest mountain range in the world, and several hundred kilometers of glaciers accompany its many peaks.         


The Almoter Forest is a relatively small area of trees specially adapted to the cold. They receive the vast majority of their nutrients from the Polano River which runs through the forest.
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