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The Faceshifters

After dealing with the problems in the northern Vamena region the adventurers travel further south to Ostend to find out why the diamonds were send there.

Plot points/Scenes

Trail to the black market | 19th of Irami’el 1245 AE
  During their travel from Averton to Ostend, Luanda had a vision and decided to leave the party. In the city the adventurers managed to track down where the diamonds were send to and follow it's trail.
Panic in the Arena | 21st of Irami’el 1245 AE
  After the first investigation the group decided to fight some more in the arena. During the night they ran into some troubles and were called to the office of the lower manager Kesuter.
The Dwarven Stronghold | 22nd of Irami’el 1245 AE
The trail lead the group to the dwarven ruins deeper underground. In these ancient ruins they found the base of the doppelgangers but to get there they needed to fight their way through undead.  
After going through the ancient Dwarven Stronghold the adventurer group the Azure Defenders that had joined them decided to break up. One of it's members however decided to join the first group. Ielenia on the other hand decided to rejoin the Vanguard and left our adventurers.

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