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The Living Statue



20th of Raperi’el 1245 AE After some good night sleep the group returned to Savas Keleris to see what they could do as their next move. Both Kojiro and Musashi decided to stay with Yamaderis to help. They still feared the wrath of their captain and hoped that the adventurers would soon get rid of his airship.   Savas Keleris told them that while the group was away several inquiries were made into a few nobles after the assasination attempt on Niberi’es. This seemed strange to him since none of the suspected nobles had any reason to be working with Avaronian Spectres. Janos Dorivas told the group the same thing and asked to join him in the arena later if they wanted to know more. Savas on the other hand invited them to a ball the next day to see if they could see anything suspicious among the nobles.

Rising Action

But first The Keepers had sent an envoy to discuss that Yamaderis should come work for them. The group agreed to at least hear them out. The conclusion came quick since Yamaderis decided that staying with Savas Keleris would be the most comfortable for him. Janos Dorivas suddenly asked if the executive of the Keepers before them was real and not a doppleganger. This caused the executive to run after which he released smoke in the chamber. The doppleganger escaped through the garden while invisible air elementals tried to snatch Yamaderis away. Nimble, Finrod and Aiden managed to save Yamaderis while the other gave chase to the doppleganger. He escaped into a classroom that was filled with students since the lesson was only just finished. The doppleganger tried to escape with the leaving students but Vittoria managed to get him. This however caused a widespread panic once the doppleganger was defeated. Afterwards they returned Yamaderis back to Savas after explaining to the guards what happened.   21th of Raperi’el 1245 AE After some shopping in the city the group joined Janos Dorivas in the arena where he asked them to sign a secrecy contract. This magical contract would ensure they could never tell anyone about what they were going to hear. Afterwards he told them that he was the head of intelligence in Terios and that the recent inquiries seemed like frame jobs to him. He wanted them to keep an eye on them just in case but on other individuals he found suspicious as well.   In the evening the group gathered at the Keleris villa where they attended the ball. It was quite an extravagant event where even the King of Terios and Prince Niberi’es of Pavanor attended. Niberi’es came by to thank them for their help during the attempt on his life. The event began with a speech of Savas Keleris where he presented his new lead scientist Yamaderis and the first designs for the defence golems for the city. Also the automaton helper of Yamaderis drew a lot of attention. At the end of his speech Savas Keleris even anounced that he would be running for Anoteris vowing to increase the industry and defence of Terios. After much dancing the group gathered some info which confirmed the suspicions of Janos Dorivas. While eavesdropping on Iridana Aurae and current Anoteris it came to light that at least they were planning something against Savas Keleris. During the event Nimble was even interviewed by the newspapers.


22th of Raperi’el 1245 AE The next day Janos asked them to look into a missing spy lost in the ancient ruins beneath the city. He was especially worried since he was near the location where the group saw a large number of Avaronian Spectres before. The group descended underground again and found a strange temple with a large statue dedicated to Mackevor. Two Avaronian Spectres were in the middle of a ritual with a sacrifice which looked like the missing spy. They were too late to stop it however after which the statue animated and even talked in an demonic sounding voice. Convinced that this was a trap the adventurers tried to escape but were unable to do so since all exits were closed. The huge statue was devestating to the party. It even seemed able to throw his huge sword and teleport it back in his hand making no place safe in the temple. They suffered heavy damage but after some time they managed to wear the statue down. To their horror however they statue seemed to recover at which point they resumed their escape attempt. Lucky for them the fierce fighting underground caused a cave in which struck the statue hard. A strange horror inducing energy escaped from the statue and cursed at them before flying away. The group was terrified and Finrod was unable to do anything for several minutes.


Afterwards the group went to the inn to recover. Umeko went to an Andaya shrine to tell her about what she saw. Her goddess seemed just as distraught after hearing about Mackevor since she had not forseen that he had returned. The sheer power he wielded upset her even more since the influence could be bigger than the gods have on the material plane.

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