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Road to Golandon



With some time left before nightfall the group decided to gather some supplies or run some personal errands. Aiden Bronzehammer and Nimble Shadow decided to hear around in local taverns if anybody knew something about the recent dragon they had seen. From the patrons there they learned that dragons were a rare sight in this part of the world, especially white dragons. Normally white dragons stay in the northern continent of Idravil. However recent rumors are that more have been seen recently in Carthen to the north as well. In addition they learned that many ships don’t sail from ports in Carthen anymore since severe storms have started appearing around the ruins of the ancient Avaronian capital of Bagor. Umeko wanted to find some quiet after meeting with an avatar of Lofior. She found a small shrine to all of the Oregr Pantheon gods and tried to reach Andaya. Although faint she did feel a presence while praying.   In de meantime Vittoria Bendetti decided to go shopping to gather some new materials for her spells. Afterwards she decided to see if there was any candy to be found. A small old lady was selling several sweets and Vittoria decided to buy some. She even bought an exotic piece of candy called chocolate.   Finrod Ingoldo and Dimble Cloak went to the The Keepers library in the city. Dimble wanted to return the stolen books he had taken from the black market merchant earlier. After inquiring about the Keepers member who had stolen the books , Dimble learned that he hadn’t been seen for two days. The Keepers were especially interested in the Selefer Temple and would send an expedition very soon.The discovery of the Stone Defenders was of interest to them as well. However the local Keepers didn’t have the resources to mount an expedition into the Underdark from here. Meanwhile Finrod went on to search for some books in the library after which he rejoined with Dimble. Eventually everyone met up at an inn to get some rest before their journey the next day.

Rising Action

Travelling Westward

24th of Irami’el 1245 AE     During the night Umeko started to get restless. In a horrible nightmare she saw Lofior tempting her to seek power that he could grant to her while filling her mind with violent images. The others in the room noticed her kicking around and yelling and tried to get her out of it. Eventually Nimble Shadow took the nearby pisspot and threw it on Umeko. She woke up but more pissed than usual.   In the morning the group left the city with their horses and travelled along the road towards Golandon. Although the road was paved it had seen better days do to frequent use and neglect. Along the way the group passed several caravans and travellers.  

Dragon Theft

27th of Irami’el 1245 AE     For several days nothing eventful happend while the group travelled farther west. They passed many other travellers along the way and even had a dog following them for a day after they had given him food. On the 27th however they were in for a surprise.   Smoke started to block their path as they were ambushed by two Gnomes in a rather strange looking metal armor. They indentified themselves as Kojiro and Musashi of the Raitin. They wanted to get the group’s bronze dragon which the adventurers of course refused. A fight ensued in which the adventurers had a hard time to survive since both Aiden and Dimble went down for a while. The two Gnomes were accompanied by two mechanical creatures, a metal cobra and a metal ball creating smoke. Musashi appeared to be a very adept spellcaster while Kojiro teleported around the area with superb speed while dealing electric damage everywhere he came. When the metal cobra was killed Kojiro decided to take Spyro and teleport to Musashi. The group quickly followed with their horses and saw that the gnomes left the dragon behind. This turned out to be an illusion which gave the Gnomes enough time to get to their mechanical rides.   The group went in the direction that the Gnomes went until they started seeing several ruined trees. Once they were over a small hill they saw a crashed airship which had destroyed a good part of the surrounding trees.


The Airship

    The group carefully  moved closer to the crashed airship and send Nimble as a scout. Once they could get a better view the adventurers saw that several Gnomes in heavy armor were patrolling a camp with what appeared to be advanced crossbows and strange looking guns, comparable to those of the Pavan Empire. In the middle of the camp the dragon Syro was put in a cage and the group could see how they made him use his lighting while a Gnome held a crystal in front of him. The Gnome quickly went into the crashed ship afterwards.   Seeing that Syro was in pain caused the group to react quickly. With a quick spell Finrod lighted one of the Gnome’s tents on fire which caused a distraction to commence the main attack. The group was surprised at first that their enemies weapons could shoot lightning but they were able to neutralize them. Unexpectedly though a smaller airship ascended from the more intact part of the crashed ship. Both Musashi and Kojiro could be seen on board. The adventurers had to quickly dodge a large lightning attack from a cannon on the ship but managed to survive. After the quick attack the small ship left the adventurers behind and disappeared beyond the horizon but appeared to be in ill condition and struggeling to fly.


After the battle the group got hold of several advanced weapons and manged to free Spyro. On the crashed ship itself they found many dead and among them even some dragons and smashed dragon eggs. In what appeared to be the captain’s cabin they found several dead Gnomes and a journal. In the journal they learned about the organisation these Gnomes worked for, the Raitin. Their main goals appeared to be to gather dragon eggs and procure old Gnome technology. Another group of them found some interesting news about the Lower Realms near Golandon and order the ship to return. This was hindered by a dragon attack which caused the ship to crash but not without killing the dragon.   Once the place was searched the adventuring group settled for the night and would continue their journey the next day.   30th of Irami’el 1245 AE As a last stop before going to Golandon the group decided to spend the night at Vamonachia, a small town near a river with a castle. They decided to gather some more supplies and rest at the inn. However before they could get some decent sleep some people in the group got drunk and hit the innkeepers wife. This led to a big barfight which caused many tables to be destroyed and eventually the guards had to step in. Only Finrod and Aiden managed to not be arrested and still got a nice night of sleep. During the night Nimble managed to steal most of the shoes of the arrested people and is still hoarding most of them.

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