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Under Realms Expedition

The adventurer group decided to help Savas Keleris to uncover an mythical golem said to exist deep in the Lower Realms. Most of the group decided to go on this expedition for Savas but Dimble refused and instead went to the Keepers to fund his own expedition, believing that only the Keepers should have control over the golem.

Plot points/Scenes

Start of the Expedition | 33rd of Irami’el 1245 AE
    The group of Dimble set out as fast as possible and managed to stay a day ahead of the other adventurers. Along the way they encountered many dangers and Dimble's group even lost some of it's members.  
The Machine | 4th of Raperi’el 1245 AE AE
  After being taken prisoner Dimble tries to find a way to escape from the Dark Elves. Luckily he is allowed to join the technician team to look into the Mining Golem. Meanwhile the other group discovered an strange looking workshop where they found a Deep Gnome, Yamaderis, who has been in stasis for 4000 years.  
  With the Mining Golem destroyed and it's remains stolen by the Avaronian Spectres the group returns to the surface. The scientist, Yamaderis, however proved to be even better than the golem itself since he was the original creator. Savas Keleris is pleased with the outcome and gives Yamaderis a place in his estate.

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