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Rooftop Chase



31st of Irami’el 1245 AE   The next morning the adventurers continued their journey and arrived in Golandon a little past midday. Their first priority was finding a way to get in contact with the captain of the Pegasus Guard who was the most likely victim of an upcoming attack. This proved a little bit more difficult since the part of the city where the Pegasus Guard is stationed was off limits to non natives unless they had someone to attest for them. Finrod tried to get in contact with someone of the Vanguard but they would have to wait a while for their patrol to return to the city. Once they returned to the inn after a day of sightseeing they encountered Janos Dorivas. He appeared to be expecting them and told them he could be of some help. The only thing they would need to do was to get in contact with one of the most prominent people in the city, the entrepeneur Savas Keleris. This rich patron was looking for adventurers and Janos could bring them in contact with him. Someone like Savas was sure to get them in the Anchia district. The group agreed to hear him out and joined Janos on his way to the mansion of Savas Keleris.

Rising Action

After passing through a quite extensive garden the group, led by Janos Dorivas, was allowed inside. Savas Keleris came to greet them with a loud voice and in a flamboyant manner. Janos introduced them and vouched for their fighting capabilities. He got them something to drink and seated them in his dinning hall. Once seated Savas offered to take them to the Anchia district for the arrival of the Pavan Empire prince the next day. All he asked in return was for them to listen to a proposition for a mission. Although he would not yet give the full information he asked them if they would be interested in procuring something from the Lower Realms, which would be a dangerous mission that required experienced adventurers. The group agreed that they would hear about his proposal. The group then joined Savas on a little tour of the city to get some elegant clothes.   After a long and expensive shopping spree, luckily paid by Savas, our adventurers were looking their best and joined Savas again. With some time to spare before nightfall the group split up so each of them could do their own thing. Finrod did some sightseeing of the city while Umeko and Dimble decided to go to the museum that Savas suggested. There they saw a lot of ancient technology stuff and a few taxidermied Lower Realm creatures. The ugliest one, a Nethik, was luckily extinct according to the name plaque. Afterwards Umeko went to the temple dedicated to the 0regr gods and finally got hold of her patron godess. Meanwhile the rest of the group decided to spend their time in a nearby park where especially Syro was having a lot of fun and even manged to get some decent flying in. Dimble also did some extra stuff that day as he went to the Keepers University in the city to get in contact with his patrons.


The Chase

32nd of Irami’el 1245 AE     The next morning to group went to the Anchia district for the arrival of Niberi’es, the second son of the Pavan Emperor. Savas guided them in without issue and soon they were in the crowd. Savas left them behind there while he moved towards the tribunes with premium seating. Suddenly a large airship appeared in the sky above them with the sigil of the Pavan Empire cleary visible. It docked at the nearby skydock and not much later a big crowd of Archonic Order members came down with Niberi’es in the middle of them. Especially Aiden and Vittoria were keen to see the son of the Emperor because even if he was not the current chosen of the Divine he was still of Divine Blood. Among the Archonic Knights both Luanda and Francisco could be seen. But suddenly all hell broke loose. Out of nowhere an assassin closed in on Niberi’es but was blocked by an Archonic Knight. The criminal quickly put his dagger in the neck of the knight and with a burst of blue energy the life force of his victim was gone leaving an empty mummy like husk. The adventurers came to the rescue and more knights appeared. Seeing his predicament the assassin decided to leave.   A chase ensued during which the adventurers were forced to run across some roofs. Eventually they pinned the assassin down but he fell to his death after falling of a building. With only the dagger to go buy they did not have much information gathering to do. Luckily Aurae, one of the Pegasus Guard Iridanas, caught up to them and said that she saw a note being dropped by the assassin. The note said the one who ordered the assassin to kill his target was someone by the name of Veloris. The Pegasus Guard officer remembered this was the head of the personal guards of one of the Chiterae. She decided that it was best for the group to see the head of the Pegasus Guard to discuss. This way the group would finally have the opportunity to notify the likely target of a next attack by the Avaronian Spectres.


After telling their story to the Enteria of the Pegasus Guard, Nikolai , the officers decided to start an investigation into the matter and notify the group when they learned more. Since nothing else could be done the group then left the Anchia district and went to the Keleris estate to hear more about the mission Savas had in store for them. Before he would tell them more however he asked them to sign a secrecy document. Most of the group agreed but some wanted to wait what the rest of the group would decide before making up their own mind. And so they waited a bit outside. Savas told the remaining members that he had send an expedition after a myth called the Mithral Golem. He wanted  them to continue where the previous group failed and travel to the Lower Realms to retrieve it. Aiden however cast zone of truth to see if Savas and Janos were speaking the truth. Although this got a hostile reaction at first, Savas decided to tell everything as he had nothing to hide. His plan was to use the golem in future defence of the city and kingdom. Since the last war was so devestating they could use every bit of defence they could get. Eventually they decided to help Savas with his quest and eventually the others outside joined as well. However one member of the group felt different. Dimble thought that the golem should never be used and would be better in the hands of The Keepers and left the building.   At the Keepers university he manged to procure a team without actually telling the true purpose of the expedition. They would set out to keep the golem out of everyone’s hands.

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