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Investigating Spectres

With the Azure Defenders gone Nimble joins the adventurers. In the Dwarven Stronghold the group heard about the Avaronian Spectres that seemed to be behind the problems in the region. They decided to find out what the diamonds are used for and why the head of the Pegasus Guard is their target.

Plot points/Scenes

Road to Golandon | 24th of Irami’el 1245 AE
  With Nimble as their new group member the adventurers set out towards Golandon to uncover more about the Avaronian Spectres. Along the way they encountered some strange Gnomes and a crashed airship.
Rooftop Chase | 31st of Irami’el 1245 AE
  The entrepreneur Savas Keleris helped the adventurers to get into the Anchia district of Golandon but required their help with an expedition into the Under Realms. After the agreement he took the group into the district where Prince Niberi'es of the Pavan Empire arrived by airship. After a failed assassination attempt the adventurers chased the assassin over the roofs.   
Under Realms Expedition| 33rd of Irami’el 1245 AE
  The group embarked on an expedition to find a mythical golem for Savas Keleris. Dimble however decided to procure the golem for his organisation, the Keeprs, and started his own expedition. The golem appeared to be in an ancient Gnome ruin taken over by Dark Elves.    
The Living Statue| 20th of Raperi’el 1245 AE
Union Day| 23rd of Raperi’el 1245 AE
Hidden under the City| 25th of Raperi’el 1245 AE

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