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The Snake God

After getting rid of the Shadow Fangs another dangerous group called the Crystal Vipers remains in Ironpeak. Their willingness to just attack the adventurers to get what they want has convinced the adventurers to stop them as well. Together with Janos and his companions they go towards the Crystal Viper Base.

Plot points/Scenes

Viper's Base | 16th of Irami’el 1245 AE

    The adventurers attacked the base of the Crystal Vipers aided by Janos Dorivas and his companions. Getting rid of the Vipers proved not as difficult but they left behind a fire elemental that caused some damage. After searching the base they found out that Arkud Bloodgrip had already disappeared. From information in the base they found his most likely refuge location, an ancient Avaronian ruin deep in the Vamena Forest.  

Eredi Temple | 18th of Irami’el 1245 AE

    After travelling through the Vamena Forest the adventurers find the ancient ruined city Vamerlith. After some searching they find a part of the ruins underground that are used by the Crystal Vipers. They decide to explore the base and hope to find Arkud Bloodgrip.    


  After leaving the temple the group returned to Averton. They stayed there for a little while and decided to continue their journey to Ostend.

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