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Panic in the Arena



After talking for some time the manager of the Arena arrived and gave them a nice amount of money for their prestation. Having gained a taste for battle the adventurers decided to do another match. This time they went up against an ettin. It was a fairly easy fight but Dimble decided to go against the rules and kill the ettin. The manager ordered him to pay 600 tetrae as compensation for the killing his valuable asset. While the rest went to sleep after the exhausting day Dimble embarked on another journey. He decided to return to the merchant he left in the sewers and turn him in at The Keepers. However once he arrived he quickly noticed that the merchant was gone. To make things worse he was knocked out immediately after that.

Rising Action

A noise in the morning

22nd of Irami’el 1245 AE   When the morning came Ielenia heard a strang noise comming from the corridors and woke up from here trance. When she went outside she saw two figures carrying something and decided to follow them. One of them noticed her however and ran away. Soon afterwards everyone started chasing the two figures and manged to catch them rather quickly. It appeared they were carrying Dimble who they quickly woke up. The commotion however drew the attention of the second manager Kesuter.  

Dinosaur on the loose

  The group was brought to the office of Kesuter together with the two captured individuals. After some talking about the situation both the individuals revealed themselves to be doppelgangers and Kesuter opened a hatch causing both Finrod and Umeko to fall down into another room. Kesuter himself tried to escape through a hidden hatch but didn’t succeed immedeately. Meanwhile Finrod and Umeko had to fight against some imps. The imps cause Umeko to become half possessed again and she saw Loki everywhere. She even attack Finrod in her rage and only came to here senses after being pinned down for some time.The other adventurers decided to chase Kesuter.


The chase that followed was a big chaos since their was a large crowd due to an arena match that was going on. Kesuter jumped down in the arena where he managed to loosen the chain of the T-rex that was currently being fought by the Azure Defenders. Alessa went after him but meanwhile the rest of the Defenders and our adventurers had to deal with the loose T-rex. After a fierce fight that caused the death of several guards the beast was slain.


Afterwards Alessa brought Kesuter before them and showed them that he was a doppelganger as well. He was reluctant to talk but did say that the real Kesuter worked for the Avaronian Spectres and that the diamonds were used for magical weapon purposes. The doppelganger worked together with him because their god, Lofior, had commanded them to do so. He did not know exactly where Kesuter was right now but he suspected that he went to the lower part of the Dwarven ruins under the city. The doppelgangers made their base there which they accessed through the sewers.   The remaining adventurers decided to check in on the castle to see if they could get any reward for their work. It appeared they were correct since they were well rewarded. The current regent asked if they would like to indentify any further doppelgangers in the city for a reward but the adventurers refused. Along the way they saw a group of farmers draging along a deadwhite dragon on several carts. They noticed that the dragon had a large smoldering wound in it’s chest. When they asked the farmers how this came to be they said that they found it after a misty day near their farms. The only thing they saw was that an airship was flying nearby when the dragon flew over the area. After taking several scales from the body the group left the farmers behind and went to the inn.
Parent Plot

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