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Air Magic

  I remember when the Covenant War between the Elves started that everybody thought that Aelerium would not last long. I knew they were not to be underestimated and I was proven right. The covenant never saw the flying mages hurling lightning coming.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Air magic had a bit of a slow start in ancient history as it was overshadowed by Fire Magic. However, once more and more abilities were discovered the magic quickly grew in popularity. Now it is among one of the most powerful types as it can create lightning, storms and even allow casters to fly.  



Ancient Time

  Among the early Avar Elves there was quite an amount of air casters. Sadly during their early history Fire Magic was seen as a more powerful type. Many of the offensive abilities took therefore a bit longer to be discovered.  

Avaronian Empire

  Before the Avaronian Empire took control over the regions that are now known as Aelerium, air magic was not commonly used besides those born with it. When the Infor Crater was incorporated in the Empire a large supply of Cloud Falls was discovered there. Air magic use increased and so did the developments. Lightning and thunder magic became new additions to the limited air control of before.  

Later Developments

  Long after the split of the Empire the Elves of Aelerium created the first Crystal Casting Armors. These enabled them to use more powerful magic by adding certain Falls to them. The first of them used the Cloud Falls and became a great success during the Covenant War. The advanced casters were even able to use their newfound abilties to fly. Later on the Elves of Aelerium created other invention with the Cloud Falls such as the flying globes that protected an area from rain and snow by creating a wind dome.   In Oneraga new uses for air magic were developed as well. The Raitin eventually discovered how to use the Cloud Falls to power their airships and weapons. The sad side effect of this was that they used Raitin Dragons to recharge these Falls.  

Cloud Falls

  Cloud Falls can be found in great numbers in certain locations while other places around devoid of them. In Farlis they can be found in great amount around the Infor creator and to some degree in Deldirom. Most Elven casters born with air magic abilities originate from around the Infor crater. Other types of Falls can be found here but Cloud Falls are still the most common.   In Oneraga there are also quite a few places where these Falls can be found. The most commonly known location is the Crystal Valley which is filled with enormous amount of Cloud Falls. But also further south in the Crystal Empire there are quite a few. Not many Gnomes living there are able to cast air magic from birth though. The Dragonborn living in these regions have better luck in this regard.  
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Lightning and Air

  The earliest uses of air magic was controlling about controlling the flow of air itself. These abilities included being able to blow projectiles away or create great gusts of wind to push away enemies or objects. Advanced casters can use this air control to lift themselves up and fly.   Later on the casters found new and more offensive ways by creating lightning. This became a very powerful tool for air casters as the most advanced once could create great lightning strikes that could kill many enemies at once.  


  Because an air caster controls the air around them they have some limited control over sound as well. In a defensive sense this allows them to block certain sounds from reaching them but also from someone else hearing them.   For a more offensive approach the air casters can use this ability to create thunderous waves of sound which certainly could hurt the ears from those standing in their way. Experienced casters are even able to manipulate sounds to such a degree that they create resonance in desired objects.  


  Some of the more skilled casters can use their abilities to exercise some control over the weather. This can either be to get rid of storms but can also be used to just as easily create them. For the most experienced casters it is even possible to create tornado like winds although there are few who can pull this off.  


  As air casters have a close connection to the Air Realm they are able to perform limited conjuration. This can vary from small air familiars to larger air elementals. Very advanced casters can even conjure a quetza, a winged serpent.  
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Elemental Combinations

  Elemental magic can sometimes be combined by experienced casters. So far there have only been combinations of two elements at once as it is quite difficult to cast this kind of magic. Air magic is no different in this regard and has been used as a basis to create new effects. In most cases air is used to create gigantic storm with another element added to them.  

Air and Fire

  This combination is seen as one of the most powerful combinations if mastered. It allows the casters to increase flame size to large proportions by adding air to it or creating fire storms and tornados. But the most powerful casters can use it to create plasma with extreme destructive abilities. However, in recorded history there have only been two casters who were known to be able to create.  

Air and Water

  By combining air and water casters can create truly powerful storms. They can not only create monsoon like conditions but also severe snow or hail storms. Ice can also be turned in a more powerful weapons by catapulting ice shard at great speeds by using air control.  

Air and Earth

  Just like the combination with water the combination of air and earth magic can be used to create storms. In the case of earth and air this is done to create magnificent sand storms with great power. It can however just as easily be used to create floating motes of earth and even hurl these and an enemy. Smaller earth spikes can also be catapulted at great speed by using air control.  

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