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Fire Magic

  Elven countries such as Mervidel thrive on the use of fire magic. They have such a large amount of natural casters and Ember Falls that they can use it to power their armies. This has given them an advantage for most of history. The question is will this last in the combing centuries.
— High Sage Syronikir
  Fire magic is the most common type of magic used among the Avar Elves and with good reason. It is a great type of magic for offensive use and is able to decimate armies if used well.  



Ancient Time

  Fire magic has been used since the first recorded cases of magic use. Of course at the beginning only those born with the ability to cast fire magic were able to do so. In those early days there were two species who had a better affinity for it than others, the Avar Elves and the Selefer. During their various wars they developed ever more powerful fire spells.  

Avaronian Empire

  When the Selefer were destroyed the Avaronian Empire's progress in fire magic developments slowed down. But after some time they found new uses for the Ember Falls. Small splinters of them were being added to various weapons. This allowed the armies of the Avaronian Empire to equip their soldiers with blades that could ignite on command.   With the expansion of the Empire, the Avaronians got access to many new types of Falls. Eventually it was discovered that two types of Elemental Falls could be combined to create new forms of magic.  

Later Developments

  After the Elves of Aelirium developed the Crystal Casting Armors new possibilities opened up. A crystal casting armor made from ember crystals could empower a fire caster's magic beyond its usual limit. Those who used these inventions could gain immunity to fire. The most powerful caster could even gain powers similar to that of a phoenix.   The Ember Falls themselves were also being used in different ways. The Elves found out that they could use it to power vehicles such as the Blaze Cart. But they were also used as protection. A pillar power by an Ember Fall could easily burn any attackers who came near it without the need for a caster to be present.    

Ember Falls

  The largest amount of Ember Falls can be found within and around Mervidel. The Avar Elves living there have made great use of this advantage and even applied them to their weapons and vehicles such as the Blaze Cart. The largest amount of fire casters born with the ability to do so, can also be found among the Avar Elves which makes Mevidel unmatched in fire magic.   Ember Falls can of course also be found in other places in the world. They are known to be mined in the Crystal Valley and the deserts of Avak'am and Pavanor and some can be found in volcanic regions.  
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Create Fire

  The most basic and widespread use of fire magic is of course to create fire. Novice casters can only produce small flames but those that learn how to control the magic can achieve far greater displays. Among the most advanced spells are fiery explosions or the creation of entire walls of fire to keep away enemies.  


  A less damaging use, but nonetheless still useful, is the creation of smoke. This can be used to make limit the sight of everyone around but also to suffocate victims.  

One with the Phoenix

  Advanced casters can gain abilities that bring them close to the phoenixes from the Elemental Realms. Those who master fire magic can become fully immune to fire and engulf themselves in it. This effectively protects them from everyone who tries to get close to them. Those who are especially skilled can use this fiery form to create a set of wings allowing them some degree of limited flight.  


  As fire casters have a close connection to the Fire Realm they are able to perform limited conjuration. This can vary from small fire familiars to larger fire elementals. Very advanced casters can even conjure a phoenix but these are quite difficult to control.  

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Elemental Combinations

  Elemental magic can sometimes be combined by experienced casters. So far there have only been combinations of two elements at once as it is quite difficult to cast this kind of magic. Fire magic is no different in this regard and has been used as a basis to create new effects.  

Fire and Water

  The combination of fire and water magic allows a caster to create heated water with an ability to burn enemies. Those who are experienced can use it to create hot steam clouds which are difficult to escape.  

Fire and Air

  This combination is seen as one of the most powerful combinations if mastered. It allows the casters to increase flame size to large proportions by adding air to it or creating fire storms and tornados. But the most powerful casters can use it to create plasma with extreme destructive abilities. However, in recorded history there have only been two casters who were known to be able to create.  

Fire and Earth

  Combining fire and earth is another powerful combination as it allows a caster to change the earth into searing hot lava. Although not so destructive as plasma it can still be a real menace to any defences a city might have. It is not the easiest combination to pull off but it still within reach for any advanced caster.    

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