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Blaze Cart

You would make a cart ride against the wind and without horses by lighting a bon-fire below it? I have no time for such nonsense.
— Elam Vaskim, Council of Colleges member'
  Blaze Carts are a magical invention which allows a driver to move around at a relative fast speed without the use of horses. It uses the elemental power of Ember Falls as a propulsion to move the vehicle. In Elven lands and especially in Mervidel there is a large amount of these Falls which allowed them to develop these carts.  




  Before the invention of the blaze carts the only means of fast transport over land where either by horse or by means of teleportation. Because teleportation was expensive even for the magically inclined Elves the horse was the main way to move around.   This changed around 915 AE when many Elves in Mervidel sought for more ways to use their abundance of Ember Falls. They were already used in weapons to a degree but never tested on vehicles.  


  When the Ember Falls were used to create blaze carts they were not used that frequently. At that time it was mainly a gimmick used by the elite to show off that they were affluent enough to waste magical resources. Eventually, however, it became more common place to own a blaze cart, especially in the larger cities.   Its use for freight transporation and travel between settlements remained limited until a hovering variant was made. This required a larger amount of Ember Falls but made the Elven supply lines very efficient.   Recently the blaze carts were introduced in warfare but although they had their uses as a subsitution for cavalry they still proved most effective to maintain supply lines.  

Powered by fire

  To power the blaze carts the Elves use several Ember Falls, a type of Falls that is heavily mined near Mervidel. These Ember Crystals are known for their elemental Fire Magic. The magic that it can be used for can range from smoke creation to all kinds of fiery effects. In the case of the blaze carts it is used to create hot air which pushes the vehicle forward. For the hovering variant the same hot air is used to push the cart upwards.   Depending on the power needed more Ember Falls could be used. For very fast carts or to transport heavy loads the hot air often becomes actual fire and smoke.  
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The Blaze Cart



Max Speed
14 km/h
Fire blaster when used in warfare
Lianderik Selemana
Regular, rapid, freight
5 m (regular), 20m (freight)
4-8 passengers


  Because the blaze carts exist for quite some time already several variants have been created since the initial invention.  
  The most basic form of the blaze cart has not changed that much since the first versions. It consists of a often round carriage in which the passengers sit at opposing sides. The sides often have wings to stabilise the vehicle. The front of the cart is made of glass and windows are sometimes present at the sides. This allows passengers to have a better view during the ride.   The driver sits in the middle of the frontal window and steers the cart. More advanced carts can drive themselves by having a bound elemental as the driver.  
  The rapid variant of the blaze cart is built for speed. Almost all of these carts are more aerodynamic and have a set a wings that is closer to the body of the cart. Due to the power needed in these carts more ember crystals need to be used. The result of this is the trail of fire and smoke whenever a rapid blaze cart passes by.  
  The freight variant is a larger kind of cart and can be up to 20m in lenght. The cargo is placed along the long body of the cart and is kept in place by the high sides. When the freight is moved over long distances off less maintained roads the hovering variant is more frequently used.   Because hovering for such a large vehicle requires a good amount of power a large amount of ember crystals is used. The result of this is also that smoke often rises from the underside of the cart. Additional magical protection is used to keep the smoke away from the driver but the ones walking behind it are not so lucky.

by kefkejaco with midjourney

Fire Protection

  Due to the large amount of heat and sometimes even fire that is produced by the elemental crystals in the cart, some protection is needed. For this reason every exhaust for the heat is made of good heat resistant metal. The same metal is used at all areas that come come in contact with the heat. For the rest of the vehicle lighter materials are used.  


  When a blaze cart is used for war several types of weaponary were tried. At first the tried to use them as regular cavalry by adding blades to the front and sides of the vehicle. This did not prove to be the most efficient use and soon a switch to other weaponary was made. The most common current form is a type of fire cannon that is used to set fire to the front lines in the hopes of creating a breakthrough.

Cover image: Blaze Cart by kefkejaco with midjourney


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Dec 7, 2022 15:40 by Sailing Ocelot

This article is *amazing*! It is so pretty and easy to follow. The properties in the middle of the article blend paragraphs nicely together and I love the drop down arrow leads to the image credits. So nice and tidy!   I love how Blaze Carts are connected to the lore and laws of your world. Your clear description helps me to imagine them quite vividly, and I can see them being something I'd see often if I travelled to the elven part of the world.   Is the Ember Falls infinite? Will there come a time where they can no longer power their carts?   I find writing about vehicles to be very tricky, so I especially love this one :)

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Thank you! Yeah in the Elven part of the world they are indeed quite common ^^ And yes although there is a very large amount of Ember Falls they are not infite. Luckily they can be replenished by magic which is often performed by Elves who have an affinity for it themselves and don't need these Falls :)

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So, er, has a blaze cart ever... exploded? :D   Really nice vehicle. I wonder if they will get even more efficient and speedier with time.

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On a regular basis they don't but if you crash them hard they do :p

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I have to get me one of those. Carts powered with a bonfire? Sounds dangerous but sounds like fun too. Just need to gather the means to get one- which is going to mean foregoing some other desirable choice. Will need to see what I need more when the time comes.   I need the cart more. But finding someone willing to sell one is proving a challenge. They can make one, but it is somewhat out of my price range. Not sure if being a human has to do with anything though, haven't seen others of my kind around Mervidel. Mostly Elves, Halflings, and even a Dragonborn. Another quirk of my travels I often don't have a lot of say in but roll with most of the time. Probably some law enforced by each universe or something so that nothing actually breaks since some realms don't have humans- or humanoids for that matter- at all. I think traveling as a pot were my roughest days.   Turns out someone was willing to let me ride in one of the blaze carts. It seemed to have ended so soon, but I won't forget it as fleetingly that's for sure. Now I really must to find one to call my own- or learn how to build it myself. - Nemo, World Traveler

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Those travelling days as a pot sound quite rough indeed! I hope you managed to enjoy your ride in one of these blaze carts. If you want I can procure one for you, I personally know the current archmage of Mervidel. Now that the war between Elves and Humans is over for some years it will not be so hard to convince him ;)

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Jan 21, 2023 08:38 by Joshua

What I love about this is that vehicles are defined by their environment: ships are designed by the lumber available, chariots were developed on planes, the world pushes the vehicle in one way or another. Reading this, the Blaze Cart is not about the Blaze Cart. It's about the Ember Falls and that is wonderful.

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Thank you for the kind words! Yes these vehicles are very much the product of a society that attempts to make full use of its resources :)

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Thank you for the very kind words ninodonlord! :D Hey if you were nominated that means that the judges liked your work so it is a well deserved addition ^^ Best of luck to you as well! :D   The volatility of Falls is kind of ok once mined. Most issues occur during mining if people don't receive magically infused tools. When falls are used in a construct or vehicle they are often magically protected. If they are not protected (cheap vehicles) an explosion can be an occurance :p

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Where did you get this idea from, like this seems so unreal (well it’s unreal but you get what I mean) and at the same time fascinating it’s amazing, being in this vehicle would surely be a joy.

Mar 24, 2023 09:56

Thank you for the kind words! Well I got this idea form thinking a bit how would a very magical society start improving their transportation if they never had the need really think about advanced machinery and such. So I thought why not make their carts magical by binding elementals to it and then it snowballed form there :p

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