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Otak Starfish

General Description

The Otak is a relatively newly discovered species found in the deep waters of The Aardragoon Islands. They are usually orange or red in colour and feature patches of hair like moss on their bodies.


A freak tidal incident in 3997 saw parts of beaches (now known as Deadstar Beaches) covered in deep sea creatures far from their watery homes. One such creature never before seen was this new species of starfish, which was quickly named after the individual that found and began to study them. Since then, Digora Otak leads a small team in studying not just these creatures but all local aquatic species.


Some of these starfish present with mutations ranging from barely noticeable to full-on abnormal disfigurement. While these mutations are rare, common traits include additional appendages sometimes sprouting from an existing one rather than the main body, abnormal hair growth and the ability to secrete a semi translucent fluid from its underbelly.   Those affected have an ability to exert control over other sea creatures making them do their bidding such as gathering their food and making their shelters. Some rare cases have seen them partially consume a creature in their service, keeping it barely alive enough to serve the host. When this connection is severed, the creature seems to lose its ability to think or function and simply drifts through the water until it dies. This phenomenon has earned these starfish the nickname of zombie starfish and it is thought the liquid it secretes has something to do with this ability although further study is required.
A painting of a 'zombie starfish'


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