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Go to the Elves faction if you want intellectual conversation and arcane assistance, head to the Dwarves faction if you want a good time and fine weapons... Visit when both are working together and I'd recommend that, for the short time they are in that state of bliss, you get as many weapons and pieces of equipment as you can from their twice talented hands.
When Queen Faith Vallea decided she had an interest in establishing a barony in Kaechaek to compete with Peridot and explore the mountains of the nation of Kaechaek, she had a number of goals:
  • Ensure that the people of Kaechaek did not see the creation of Chirechest as a Vallea powergrab but, rather, as a joint operation that would ensure all that was learned of the Kaechaek mountains would be shared with the nation. This attempt was mostly assisted with Vallea agreeing to share their technological skill and resources with the people of Kaechaek whilst many [Valleans have also taken on the practical beliefs of the people of Kaechaek.
  • Learn of the strange extra-planar ores and materials inside the mountains of Kaechaek and establish how useful they would be for Vallea. 
  • Ensure the town of Chirechest would frame Peridot's barony's as uncaring villains at every turn. 
  • Bring together the Elves of Alebourne and the Dwarves of Wyvenbourne to find a space for them to finally co-operate, for they had little hope of survival in Kaechaek if they did not work together. 
Faith Vallea can be proud to have succeeded in all of these goals... barring the last one... For some differences cannot be overcome and, such is the case with the warring people of the Bourne city's, some mistrusts cannot be so easily laid aside. The two races established the mining settlement of Chirechest well enough and, though one cannot thrive without the other, they have still somehow succeeded in splitting their barony in half, one side has the arcane elves and the other has the skilled weaponsmith dwarves.    They constantly push for unity, especially their current Mayor, a Golden Dragonborn inserted by Faith Vallea as a neutral party, who has tried time and time again to get the two groups to see eye to eye, but all efforts have been proven to only be temporary in nature.    The town of Chirechest has, however, deeply benefited from political alliances with both Kaechaek and Thornden as a result, the town is well protected by the presence of a small Varne Academy in exchange for a consistent supply of magical and experimental weapons from Chirechest to the Varne and Harbingers in the country. The town also readily accepts The Venator in their walls with accommodation and full discretion as well as following their rules. Finally, the town have been responsible for synthesising heavy portions of black powder from the mountains and refining them to supply to The Honour Blades across Kaechaek... though they have not been taught to make their own gunblades.   However, the nature of the work that takes place in Chirechest is dangerous and, alot of the time, terrifying. This makes the space dangerous and many who work in Chirechest are either at the top of their field... or they have a death wish. The nature of nightmares and trauma also ensures that Hunter's are often in demand to deal with the many psychological and physical threats that dwell in the mountains. Specifically a recurring creature of nightmares, a shadowy spider that dwells in the darkest holes and corner and stretches around the lamplight to entrap their quarry.


The barony is ruled by Nosgard Tildrix who works with representatives from a variety of the spaces in the Barony including the local heads of the Varne Academy teams, Venator members and heads of the businesses from either half of the Chirechest spaces. They work hard in an attempt to ensure unity but is known to struggle with teh constant bickering.
Alternative Name(s)
The Mines
Outpost / Base
Owning Organization
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