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The Varne Academy

The Varne Academy has been introduced across Namarie as a space where mercenaries and adventurers can train with them and work with the academies to take jobs and become truly skilled adventurers and mercenaries... the order came out of Thornden and was made in cooperation with Emperor Honour.   They have a variety of schools across Namarie all with a similar purpose and setup though often with different focuses depending on the location.


The organisation is structured so that they work alongside the nobility of the countries and they are handed contracts to deal with problems. The contracts are filtered and allow the Varne to decide which tier of adventurers are appropriate to go on that 'excursion'.    The school hierarchy itself consists of the Harbingers and is heavily controlled and influenced by Darrell away from his mayor duties and Noctis Brightrose. Within the individual schools the teachers and trainers hand out contracts, grade students etc whilst the Harbingers that stay in the school are seen as elites that are not to be questioned.

Public Agenda

In increasingly dangerous times the Varne Academies are training mercenaries with potential to become skilled adventurers and to become the next members of the select group of Harbingers.


Investment and money from contracts allow the academies to go whilst them being hired by nobility etc gives them money to buy the resources they need to run properly.


Established after the Land of Chains rejoined Namarie it has grown exponentially to become a space for training potential adventurers etc and sending them out to the world as well as acting as a faction for more experienced mercenaries to join for work, equipment etc.
Educational, School/Academy
Alternative Names
The School
Parent Organization

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