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Central Dercia

Central Dercia is the common name for the region in the middle located in the middle of the Empire of Dercia

Localized Phenomena

Near the small town of Shagar, located when the two major trading routes that cross the plains, there is a round stone half berried in the ground that is struck by lightning on a regular basis.

Fauna & Flora

Some unique vegetation characterizes central Dercia. it's composed of a mosaic of different habitats with savanna areas mixed between strips of forests growing along streams. Certain areas of the area will during the rainy season experience fluctuations in the water level with certain rivers going over their banks which prevents the trees from growing along these rivers.   Much of the flora that can be found in the area can also be found in the forests and grasslands closer to the coast although there are also several species of flora like the Dragon's Azolla called that because its bark resembles dragon scales, this tree can only be found in Central Dercia.     Most of the birds that can be found in the area also breed there, although some explores have found bird species that previously were only known from the area around Zadad but not much is known about the area thanks to its vast expanse.   

Natural Resources

Its believed that the soil is not suited for agriculture, since no permanent settlements have been found within the area.   It proved very suited for the grassing of livestock, thanks to its wast grassland.


During the decline and eventual fall of the Ancient Empire along with the battles fought in the area during the First unification war huge quantities of weapons, treasures was lost in the area and the plains have become a favoured place for adventures to try and earn some easy money.
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Central plains, Plains
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