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Hots tear

Hots tear are a formation of clifts in Central Dercia.   It's said that during the slow but brutal fall of the Ancient Empire in the last century of the fall of the empire, the empire began to see that it could not suppress the rebellions and revolts or fight back against the plagues that razed entire towns with the means that had worked in the past, so its mages began to search for desperate ways to prevent the fall.   the mages after decades of searching through old scrolls with spells and knowledge even older than the empire found a scroll that is said to have contained a spell that could conjure terrible monsters that the mages had hoped would help them defeat the enemies of the empire and bring the stability back to the empire but when the 9 most powerful mages began the ritual it became clear that the spell instead of monsters that could be controlled the spell instead opened up a portal to another plane was beings began to pour through.   The mages quickly lost control of the situation and the beings were only stopped when mages that had been opposed to the ritual asked the gods for help although the gods would gladly see the empire fall, it soon became clear that if the gods didn't step in, there would be nothing left of the world for those suffering from the empire to rebuild.   Several gods with the help of their followers managed to drive the beings into one spot were the other gods rained powerful magic down on them for hours, when the smoke had cleared the only thing left was a scared landscape with cliffs where molten rock dripped from the edges.    The landscape soon after became known as the Hots tears by the mortals that had been there.
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