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The town of Astragos was small town located on the plans of Central Dercia during the time were the Ancient Empire had achived full control over Mirateia.   Shortly after the The Emerald Comet had appeared in the sky signalling the fall of the ancient empire, the town was chosen by the ruling elite of the empire in an attempt to avoid the fracturing of their empire, to serve as an example on what would happen to any that resisted their rule.   It said that the rulers sent an army to the city with the commander asking for the city to hand over half of the population with the purpose of them being used as an example for the rest of Dercia when the town refused to accept the conditions, the commander let his soldiers loose in the town and for several days plundering, burning and other unspeakable things is said to have taken place, like some of the empires mages openly using the people as a mean to replenish their magical energy by draining the people of their souls.   For centuries it was believed that the town and what had happened was a myth and used by the factions that were fighting the ancient empire during the time as a means to gather further support for their course. It was not until late in 1256 when a member of the Dai people who were heading his cows when stumbled upon some ruined structure sticking out of the earth and later on told someone who had a small interest in archaeology who soon enough went out to the place described and began digging.

-164 BIC

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