The town of Shagar has over the last 500 years grown into a large town thanks to its location being located where the trade route that goes north/south and the route that goes east/west meet.   Shagar being the only larger settlement in the area for several days in each direction helped make the town a successful place for merchants to rest and or set up shop for other travellers.   Over the last few years, the town has begun to cover the buildings in a white paste in an effort to have their wooden buildings last longer and be more watertight when rain season starts.


Of the town's population of around 5000, roughly 2000 of them are with the legion and the rest of the population are the family members of the soldiers and these family members also double as some of the town's merchants and craftsmen.


Shagar is ruled by a mayor and this mayor then chooses 9 people from the city to form a council.  
  • 4 represent the merchants of the town.
  • 2 represent the craftsmen of the town
  • 2 represents the surrounding population, those that supply the town with supplies for everyday life.
  • 1 person represents the legion stationed in the town.


Besides the local legion, the only major defence for Shagar is a low palisade surrounding the town built mostly to keep wild animals and monsters out of the city.


Only the central square of the town is paved with stone, the rest of the town still has dirt roads which turn into mud when the rainy season starts. efforts have been made to pave more of the roads but the suitable stone is rare in the area and will have to be shipped in making it extremely expensive.


Following one of the many campaigns taken by the people of Pearlhal in their effort to bring the whole region of Dercia under their banner, a legion was sent to take control of at the time the small trading town Shagar. This had the unintended side effect that with the now much larger population the town was able to make deals with the legion and in return for providing the legion with supplies and loyalty to Pearlhal the legion would help build some much-needed buildings in the town and maintain the roads in a days distance from the town.
Founding Date
Unknown but more than 500 years.
Large town
Around 5000
Location under
Owning Organization
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