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  • CENTURION 1.35%
  • USD -2.23%
  • ANVIL 5.55%
  • GOLD -5.03%
  • AMMO 1.01%
  • WAR INC 0.94%
  • RAPTORS -2.93%
  • GAIA 2.81%
  • LODGE 8.42%
  • MASCOTS -1.42%
  • COFFEE 12.01%
  • LIFE -7.41%
  • LEGENDARY -2.93%
  • SHOCKPIKE -3.23%
  • CENTURION 1.35%
  • USD -2.23%
  • ANVIL 5.55%
  • GOLD -5.03%
  • AMMO 1.01%
  • WAR INC 0.94%
  • RAPTORS -2.93%
  • GAIA 2.81%
  • LODGE 8.42%
  • MASCOTS -1.42%
  • COFFEE 12.01%
  • LIFE -7.41%
  • LEGENDARY -2.93%
  • SHOCKPIKE -3.23%

Intern Royale

The day started in the worst possible way: an email with a sudden, team-wide meeting invite, offering no clues to its content. Nervous interns shuffled their way into the cavernous meeting hall where they are met by their handler, Mr. MacCallan. He beams at them, with all the warmth and charisma of a shark.   "Interns!   I'm pleased to report that InternCo has secured several full-time positions at prestigious corporations. Soon, your time with us will come to an end, but I'm sure you will never forget the valuable lessons you learned here."   There was a pause, long enough for everyone to figure out there was a catch.   "Unfortunately, we will not have enough positions for everyone on the Intern team. Management will make its decision by the end of tomorrow." MacCallan lingered on the last three words. "So this is your last chance to make an impression and rise above the competition."   The interns looked among each other, awkwardly shuffling away from what had now become 'competition'.   "As such, I've taken the liberty of booking you all for another eight hours of overtime today, so you can really impress. No need to thank me." Their handler concluded. "And no, you won't be paid for it. Now get back to work and show everyone who the best intern is!"
  Intern Royale is a short adventure for 4-5 players set in an Intern Mill type of corporation, run by one Game Master. The players take the role of interns that has to rise above their competition to secure full-time employment by working together and screwing everyone else over. With stakes so high, the office soon becomes a battleground between interns, fought with ass-kissing and sharp office supplies. Players have sixteen work hours to gather merit awards, eliminate enemies, and generally be scheming little interns. Win, and rise above the minimum-income existence. Lose, and probably end up at a Brain-Box farm. Good luck, Interns!

The Rules

1: Creating Your Intern

Roll 2D6 to determine who your Intern is. You're better at stuff related to your internship.   Internship
  1. Engineering
  2. Programming
  3. Accounting
  4. Marketing
  5. Design
  6. Service
  1. DIYbernetics
  2. Corporate Mascot Collecting
  3. Conspiracy Theory
  4. End-of-world prepping
  5. Streaming / Live Streaming
  6. Contratianism

2: Energy

All interns start with 6 energy.   You lose energy by:
  • Taking damage
  • Improving rolls
  You regain energy by:   Indulging in your hobby is limited by the activity. Stealing a co-worker's coffee creamer for your doomsday bunker once is fine, but stealing the rest of the coffee creamers will not regenerate your energy.   If you reach Energy 0, your intern is incapacitated, either by exhaustion or horrific injury that your insurance does not cover.  

3: Doing Stuff

If you're trying to do something with a reasonable chance of success, roll 1D6.   If you're doing something related to your internship, add another dice. You can also spend 1 Energy to get another dice. These stack, to a maximum of 3d6.   If you get over 4 on any of the dice, you succeed. If you don't, you fail.  

4: Fighting!

Fighting works like any other roll, divided into Attack and Defense.   A successful attack deals 1 Energy damage to your opponent. If you have an improvised weapon of some sort, that increases to two - then the weapon breaks, malfunctions, or otherwise is ineffective for the rest of the evening. Weapons of the same type are only effective once per combat - once you've beaned someone in the head with a coffee cup, people learn to duck.   A successful defense roll reduces damage by 1. If you have an improvised weapon, shield, or armor, add one 1d6 to the roll (but you still only reduce damage by 1), and then the improvised item breaks.  

5: Merits

Merits are corporate awards to excellent interns, signified by a shiny gold star sticker. Only interns with 5 or more merits will pass muster and be awarded a full-time position at the end of the evening. Hurray!   There should be at least 30 merits available.   You gain Merits by:
  • Awarded from a full-time employee
  • Reporting corporate rule infractions
  • Performing assigned tasks
  • Stealing them
  • Generally being an impressive intern
  Like with hobbies and improvised weapons, merit awards are only good one time per action. Giving your boss a cup of Java will get you an award, but trying to give everyone else one too won't work. This is true for the entire group.   You can also lose merits.   You lose Merits by:
  • Taken away by Mr. MacCallan, at his whim
  • Breaking corporate rules (and being caught)
  • Failing assigned tasks
  • Someone stealing them from you
  • Being obnoxious, lazy, or not living up to corporate standards (and being caught)
  It is entirely possible for an action to both earn and lose a Merit, at which case an employee will first give it to you, then take it away.   That's the rule, intern.  

InternCo Corporate Rules

  • Destruction of corporate property
  • Injury of corporate employees (Interns exempt)
  • Stealing corporate property
  • Unautherized access to restricted areas (especially by you, interns)
  • Unauthorized use of corporate equipment
  • Littering
  • Being late to meetings
  • Being early to meetings - that's time you could've spent working, intern
  • Failure to respond to communications in a timely manner
  • Unauthorised time away from desk
  • Social media use outside designated social media use breaks
  • Breaking InternCo NDA or sharing confidential information
  Interns may complain that the rules are frequently in direct contradiction to whatever assignment they've been given, and may in fact require them to break the rules to complete said assignments. Such complaints are, of course, worth another demerit, as here at InternCo we want interns with Drive and Initiative, who bring us Solutions and not Problems.  

6: Merit Examples

  • Bringing Java to a manager
  • Changing a worklog so it looks like you completed that task
  • Stealing one from another intern or even corporate employee
  • Acting like a soulless psychopath - aka management material
  • Reporting another intern for most of the above
  From here on, it's the GM part of the adventure. Proceed at your own peril, and unauthorized access will earn you a demerit.

Last Day of InternCo

It's your last day, one way or the other.
The time has come: the Interns have a full workday (about 16 to 20 hours) to make sure they are the ones who'll graduate from Internship. They'll have to navigate their usual workload with scheming rivals, demanding overseers, and their own haphazard plots to get ahead. It is up to the players to figure out how they want to proceed, but if they need some prodding, MacCallan (or a suitable replacement) is happy to provide some subtle hint that maybe they should do some schemin'.  
There are no set amounts of Merits, and no real limit to how many demerits you can earn, either.
  Besides the players, there are 2d6 + 20 other interns working there. Generally, you'll only need to track how many merits the important interns have - for the chumps, use your own best judgement or roll a 1d3-1.   The day is divided into three parts: Morning, Day, and Evening. After that, it's a wrap.  

Make A Corp!

If you want to run the adventure somewhere other than the InternCo, roll to see where your poor interns work.   Types of Corps
  1. Arms & Armor Corp - Lots of weapons, research material, and engineering stuff around!
  2. Marketing Agency - Lots of scheduling, design work, and maybe a celebrity or two!
  3. Travel Agency - Intern in all kinds of exotic locations to perform borderline slave-labor in!
  4. Genetech Corp - Putting mad scientists to shame, with a lot of weird critters and bubbling vats around!
  5. ThougthFarm - Harvesting raw human emotion for mass-market!
  6. Augmetics Corp - Making better people, with metal or expensive drug subscriptions!
  Example Corps:
Indestructible Inc - Armor and fortifications for every occasion
Illuminaughty - Consumer engagement at gunpoint
WeekendWarriors - All the fun of going to war, none of the 'getting shot'
Best Friends Forge - Custom made pets and companions through science!
ThoughtFarm & Friends - Selling thoughts, feelings, and personality at a discount
Legendary You - Self-help through pharmaceuticals and augmetics


For interns, morning means 7am (07:00 sharp.   Morning is a relatively quiet time, with Employees shuffling into work, getting ready for the day, and drinking delicious Java. For our brave interns, it begins with MacCallan's meeting - he explains the summary at the top of the adventure. After that, the interns are set loose on the office to work. Being late to work, not paying attention at MacCallan's meeting, or being disruptive - that's a demerit.
Give the interns a chance to earn about 2-3 merits at this point... And chances to lose them, too.
Besides any schemes the players want to initiate, the morning might contain the following:  
  At 12am (12:00), the morning ends with a lunch-work meeting. Interns are required to attend, and failure to do so will earn them a demerit. The meeting is held in one of the intern lunch halls, seperate from the regular employees so that they don't have to deal with the interns. Food and drink is provided by the company, through their grace and infinite generosity (as well as a helpful dose of performance enhancing narcotics - restore 1 energy). The meal is a barely identifiable curry stew of uncertain flavor, and the drink as Generic-Aid flavored drink. Bringing your own snacks isn't technically against the rules, but will earn you the resentment of interns without them.
Every intern has their favorite Generic-Aid flavor and there is an opportunity for trading, giving away, or otherwise bartering for stuff or favors. No intern will at this point be willing to give away merits (except the traitor, if rolled - the slimy little git).
The lunch-meeting is a long, droning presentation on corporate business standards and ethics, broken up into two thirty minute segments with a ten minute break in the middle. The pre-recorded presentation is held on a large screen at one end of the room. There are no employees there to supervise (MacCallan will very visibly depart) and the lunch hall is large and cluttered enough for skullduggery. Interns have a chance to sneak of, cause havoc, steal stuff, or generally prepare themselves.   During this presentation, the interns are told the InternCo corporate rules. If they're able to remember them when asked about them at the end of lunch, that's a merit. As the lunch ends, a few (1d6, if you aren't sure) intern is escorted out of the building for failure to show enough initiative and drive.  
by Midjourney by Q


The work day goes on from between 13:10 to 18:00. This is the interns main opportunity to interact with other employees and try to curry their favor, either by deception, force, or being brown-nosed little lickspittles. Their actual workload is light by design - MacCallan has arranged for the interns to be able to properly scheme, believing that a sort of corporate survival-of-the-fittest will benefit them and InternCo.   Sometime during the day however, the intern will be given an important mission - bring refreshments (especially Java) to a work meeting on the Senior Employee Floor above them. Success will earn each intern a merit - failure, the opposite.
At some point during the Day, the players should find another intern - dead as a door nail, killed for their Merits. Failing to report the corpse might result in a demerit, but finding the killer will get everyone a merit (and a mortal enemy)
To complicate things further, the interns aren't actually allowed to access Senior Employee Floor, and must lie, cheat, or steal past the key-code locked door. To make things more complicated, other interns heard of their task, and seek to get the refreshments from the PCs to deliver it themselves.   After that and if you think the PCs need some more chaos in their lives, roll below:


After 20:00, most of the employees go home. Interns have another 4 hours of work to go and are in the home stretch. The doors are locked, the security guards absent, and the interns left alone in the highrise office. Sometime after the last employee has left, the security cameras mysteriously and visibly go offline.   And, well...  
by Midjourney by Q
  It doesn't take long for the violence to start (or continue, depending on how your interns have been doing so far) with open battles. For PCs who have been doing well, it might be a desperate gauntlet to stay alive and keep what's theirs against the ravening hordes of hostile interns. For PCs who haven't been quite so successful, they might become the ravening horde. Remember, leaving the bloody and broken corpses of your enemies around the office is littering and therefor against corporate rules.   Security will return around 04:00 and end the fighting (possibly with Shockpike ) - and that's the end. If you're feeling generous, survival might earn them a merit. PCs who failed to gather enough merits

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