Legendary You Corporation

Make them remember your name.  
— Legendary Marketing
  Legendary You is a major pharmaceutical and self-help corporation, selling augmentations, guided courses, and massively addictive nootropics to make the citizens of the Megacorpolis be the best they can be. The competition has never been more ruthless and there have never been more people who have struggled to find themselves in the sea of chaos that is the Megacorpolis. Legendary You offers a quick and easy path to become the best they can possibly be, if you can afford it.    

Self-Confidence For Sale

CONQUER WITH CONFIDENCE - Thanks to the Legendary Executive Decision line of nootropics, there's no more need to fight to be Legendary!  
— Legendary Marketing
  Legendary You has its root as a self-help organization that offered a path to become a better person to those in need. Early on, meditation and various self-affirmation courses were relatively harmless and slow. It was only when Megacorpolis blossomed from the corpse of the old world and old, obsolete laws about what you could put into your medication were disposed of that Legendary You could really evolve.  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

The corporation started adding medication to its courses and found startling success. It is only a strange sense of nostalgia and ideal that keeps the old courses around, supplemented with a variety of mind-altering cocktails.   Today, Legendary You courses treat depression, anxiety, and productivity problems while their powerful medication imbues a weary, down-beaten employee all the personality traits required to be a CEO.
  Everything and anything anyone has ever wanted to change about themselves is just a pill away, with a few side-effects. Legendary You now sells books, courses, narcotics, and experimental surgery - all to make you into the Legend you deserve to be. Read the disclaimers carefully.  


We're like a family here. Call me "Dad", okay?  
— Chandler Chael, Legendary You CEO
  Legendary You is a tight-knit and loyal bunch, by corporate decree. Its CEOs have always been people with strong, magnetic personalities, and its board of directors has always been spell-bound sycophants. The current CEO, Chandler Chael, has been raised from birth on a steady diet of praise and narcotics to claim the throne of his company. He holds the corporation in thrall and rules it with an iron fist. His word is law and everything - and anything - he says is gospel truth to those who work under him.   Promotions are reserved for the loyal and preferably relatives. Any executive position comes with a paid-for vacation at a corporate retreat, where the lucky employee is held until they properly appreciate their new role and their new family.  
by Johny Mnemonic

Corporate Culture

We really appreciate loyalty around here. That's the highest virtue there is.  
— Chandler Chael, Legendary You CEO
  Legendary You is largely divided in two - those who are slavishly devoted to the company and its leadership, and those who are terrified the others will find out they aren't. Loyalty is valued in its employees and Corpers above everything else. Legendary You have shown itself willing to forgive even repeated mistakes and failures that would lead to a quick termination elsewhere when it comes to its "family".  

Disloyalty, real or perceived, is taken very personal by both company and CEO. Company meetings often devolve into self-perpetuating circles of ranting about ungrateful traitors, which then spread through the organization like a virus.   People are cautious who they tell about their career goals, as snitching is common and there's always that rumor of people who went to meet HR and never came back.
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)
  Legendary You take an interest in its employees, which isn't necessarily good. All of its products are heavily discounted for employees and some are mandatory to take. There is a department of "Personal Development" that works to design a personalized regiment of treatments and courses for each 'employee of interest'.    


DESTINY IS CALLING YOU - Answer with Confidence!  
— Legendary You Marketing
  Legendary You are is one of the wealthier and more popular major corporations, though they are still a far cry from Megacorp status. They work with very few external companies when it comes to the final product and source a lot of their own ingredients. They own extensive hydroponic and pharmaceutical facilities in the Big Green district. The general consensus among the other corporations is that they have something to hide, but it isn't entirely clear what.  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

In addition, Legendary You owns several key commercial facilities from where they sell their products in flashy show-rooms. They operate several Brain-Box "farms", selling the data while using the human cattle there as test subjects for their latest lines of medication.   A recent partnership with Indestructible Inc have seen Legendary You invest into cybernetics and mechanical engineering, for their part of the new product line.
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)


  The Corp-Speak of Legendary You use a lot of lingo to separate themselves from others. Almost everything has a dual meaning, a hidden purpose that divides the faithful from the rest, a secret that unites them.   It can make them both remarkably smug and difficult to understand for anyone outside the Corporation - which is just the way they like it.  
Language | Mar 18, 2020

A language for Corperate workers that consist mainly of jargon, business terms and other nonsense.


Loyal Blood

  Legendary You has several Corper families, nearly all descendants of the founding family and the early CEOs. These branches and relatives all hold positions of power and influence within the corporations.   Generations of selective corporate marriage, schooling, and careful brainwashing have made these Corper clans fanatical in their devotion to the Legendary You corporation. They don't quite worship the CEO like a god yet, but they're getting there.  
Ethnicity | Jun 6, 2020

Bloodlines made out of franchise management.

Rare for the Megacorpolis, leadership within Legendary You is hereditary.   Shares are passed down the family lines depending on their merit, but never to anyone outside the bloodline.
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

Corporate Toadies

  To make sure that its employees are all of the correct attitude and outlook, Legendary You employes Toads. These professional snitches sit around the offices, make friends, and just wait for someone to slip up and admit they might possibly consider working somewhere else.   It has helped create a sub-current of paranoia and one-ups-manship when it comes to displays of loyalty and dedication, just to avoid the Toads.  
Profession | Dec 11, 2019

Toads are professional snitches, looking to score it big by selling someone much more important out to the freelance police.

by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)
Be Legendary.  
— Legendary You Marketing

Important Subsidies

  Legendary You doesn't have many subsidies, preferring to keep everything "within the family". Only two are noteworthy enough to have been infiltrated by the competition.  

Better Every Day

  BED is a self-help organization that helps with various addiction and other maladies. Something of a pet project of its CEO, it's a throwback to the corporations earlier days and uses psychotherapy, meditation, and various self-affirmation treatments to treat and bolster.   It isn't nearly as quick or profitable as selling addictive narcotics, so it remains a small and affordable operation with almost no marketing behind it.

The Happy Helpful Vacation Resort

  Although not widely advertised as such, the Happy Helpful Vacation Resort is a prison for disloyal employees. Those sent there are neither happy nor is it particularly helpful, but those who do come back are "cured" of any confusion about their role in life.   Located outside of the Megacorpolis and surrounded with barbed wire, machine-gun turrets and roaming Cybiders, happiness is mandatory.


by Johny Mnemonic


Legendary You Product Catalogue Examples


Alpha Dog

  A mix of testosterone, steroids and various other bad ideas, Alpha Dog promises to make its consumer "a real man".   On other hand, anyone who buys this was probably already pretty terrible.

Dream Master

  Psycho-active ingredients that cause low-level hallucinations and supposedly aids with lucid dreaming, Dream Master narcotics come bundled with various "lucid dreaming" course material.   Despite lawsuits, still claims it will not turn users into fedora wearing dream-demons.


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