ThoughtFarm & Friends

Nothing compares to the real thing, and nothing compares to our prices.  
— ThoughtFarm sales pamplet
  ThoughtFarm & Friends is one of the key corporations that operates and maintains BrainBox facilities across the Megacity, selling a steady stream of data generated by its participants/employees/victims for use in everything from AI to VR to [CLASSIFIED BY THE COMPUTER, THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY - The Computer]. They sell thoughts and feelings, scanning and streaming people's innermost thoughts to give a depth of personality and emotion that would otherwise be impossible for Clippy and other corporate AI mascots.   They sell not to citizen consumers, but exclusively to other corporations, enabling their products to run at peak efficency without even a single horrible accident that comes from mixing machine and man, probably.    

What Are you Thinking About?

Some say the love of a mother is priceless, but I think you'll find costs much more reasonable.  
— ThoughtFarm sales pamplet
  The typical ThoughtFarm operation is a sea of BrainBox seats, people hooked up to machines for hours on end without moving and told to think. Each section has its own set of ideas or emotion it hopes to simulate, and with the appropriate stimuli provided. Lucky employees get to sit around all day looking at puppies being goofy on video, while others have to deal with significantly less puppy-esque videos.  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)
Should videos, images, or sounds prove insufficent, ThoughtFarm have generously provided heavy doses of narcotics with the meals and drinks served throughout the day.   Though it might sound like a cushy job, sitting down for fourteen hours every day with a steady diet of fast food and LSD tend to lead to any number of health problems. Anyone who is experiencing some sort of anguish over their woes are assigned to the correct section for that.
  If even more extreme or specialized emotions are required for whatever corporate project needs such a thing, ThoughtFarm have a number of blacksites around the MegaCity, mostly lining Sector 13. The Chipless non-citizens there have learned to get the hell away when a ThoughtFarm Happiness Mobile rolls into town, looking for "volunteers".    

Higher Thoughts

While such bulk-farming serves the purpose for many products, other require a more personal touch. For such occasions, the ThoughtFarm have facilities that are more intimate, more comfortable, where employees can lounge while providing only the most refined thoughts or feelings for the network to process. Despite the appearance of leisure, the pressure here is even higher than the bulk-farms, as the corporation expects a good return on its investment and there's no slack given to have a bad day.   Rates of narcotics use and other stimulants are even higher here, just to keep up with the rat race.  

Good Boys, Good Thoughts

Virtual pets - all of the affection, none of the fuss.
  With the growing popularity of virtual pets, either in physical robotic shape or in AR/VR environments, there's a demand to make sure the good doggos so simulated as really good. For those cases, ThoughtFarm maintain kennels, where animals are kept in BrainBox enclosures and monitored by vets to create happy, obedient digital versions of their brainwaves. Any maulings and other misfortunes are blamed on consumers not updating the software properly, and certainly not some sort of trauma inflicted on animals in these places. Any suggestions to the contrary will get you a visit from the notoriously litigious ThoughtFarm lawyers.  
Losing such a case sometimes lead some unfortunate souls to have to 'work' for a Bulk-Farm - or blacksite - to pay them off.
Sector HQ
Neossolonika - Sector 4   Total Assets
16.2 billion   Corporate Status
Major - Specialist  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)


ThoughFarm couldn't be possible without BrainBoxes - neural interfaces that absolutely doesn't create some sort of clone of your mind and feelings or allows corporations to peek into your deepest, most private thoughts. It allows for fantastic products to develop and that's all you should really focus on, citizen.    
Item | Mar 14, 2020

Neural-Interface devices that help provide emotional depth to AI simulation by using the most plentiful resource on the planet: humans!


Sinful Thoughts

ThoughtFarm has a long and mutually profitable relationship with Sinners Syndicated, providing the facilities and infrastructure for many of their employees to do their work across the internet instead of in the flesh. A single employee can power several simulations, making it quite the deal for the Sinners, and the customers don't care too much in any degredation in quality from spreading them too thin.    
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

Shoot To Thrill

A small, specialzied part of ThoughtFarm focuses on gathering data from combat environments, selling such information to video game companies looking to make better AI opponents or robotics corps looking to make better killing machines.   To get the most accurate data, casualties are inevitable, so mercenaries and 'volunteers' from Sector 13 are somtimes pitted against each other, or whatver genetic monstrosity that ThoughtFarm has bought from Best Friends Forge.


by Johny Mnemonic


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By the Java! Could there be Taskforce Monday Containment Specialists working behind the scenes here? hmmm... I'll have to add that to the Board!   Hahahahaha! As always, Q... Love! It!

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Thank you very much, Kito :D I don't think it'll get this bad but... It sure is fun to write about.

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11 Jan, 2021 17:27

THOUGHTFARM & FRIENDS would like to collect your data. Do you accept?   I understand the appeal of using thought-data to increase realism in AI and VR, but I can't help but wonder what the Computer is censoring. If I had to guess (this will probably get me killed) but the data could be used to increase the predictability of people, leading to more accurate decisions by the computer.   Great work, Q.


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