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The Ovinex Arc

The Ovinex Arc is a wide-reaching region of the Manifold Sky setting which is ideal for Ovinex habitation. While the majority of ovinex are concentrated in Rostral C, along with the heart of Rostran territory, ovinex who somehow emigrate or are stranded elsewhere in the Ovinex Arc are known to set up and thrive in small, remote communities which persist over time.   The Ovinex Arc is part of the so-called Rostran-Ovinex Complex, a region which includes both the Ovinex and The Rostran Arc as subregions. The Rostran-Ovinex Complex is named as such because the two species, having lived in a mutualistic societal arrangement since the conclusion of the Rostran-Ovinex War, can help one another survive in the parts of the Complex where only one species would thrive on its own.


Because ovinex are wooly creatures descended from mountain-dwelling sheep, they are uniquely adapted to survival in the mountainous Dorsal and chilly Caudal environments. The reach of the Ovinex Arc into the Caudal Tesseract proper is only prevented by the presence of the verdials of The Verdial Arc, a more technologically advanced competitor race. As with their humanoid counterparts, regions connected to the Northern and Southern Tesseracts are generally not included in the Ovinex Arc. This is because, while the environment would otherwise be suited for ovinex, the particle radiation found in these regions would tend to increase the rates of mutation, miscarriage, immune supression, and cancer - not good prospects for long-term habitation.


Most of the Ovinex Arc is believed to have been uninhabited by Ovinex until the invention of airships which could cross inflection layers in the year 9832 AR. Even then, until resupply skystation started providing logistics chains for long-distance travel in 9856 AR, very few ovinex were encountered beyond their presumed islands of origin in Rostral C. After this point, accidents and small-scale efforts to create Rostran-Ovinex colonies abroad spread ovinex to the rest of their Arc, albeit never in large numbers.   As of the year 10,000 AR, ocassional reports of Freelanders encountering "beast men" have surfaced throughout the region. Given the language barriers involved, it is sometimes hard to distinguish from these reports whether these are cases of encounters with hidden ovinex diaspora or, possibly, encounters with some as-of-yet unknown Lost Tribe or other non-humanoid species. For example, extant Lepidosians might also appear to be bestial to unsuspecting Freelanders - complete with the appearance of 'horns' (i.e. their rabbit-like ears) when seen only in silhouette.
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