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The Rostran Arc

The Rostran Arc is a region of the Manifold Sky setting in which Rostrans are able to live and thrive. Inventive and far-travelling, the Rostrans are found throughout the Arc in varying numbers, though - like their ovinex counterparts, their population is most concentrated in Rostral C.   The Rostran Arc is part of the so-called Rostran-Ovinex Complex, a region which includes both the Rostran and The Ovinex Arc as subregions. The Rostran-Ovinex Complex is named as such because the two species, having lived in a mutualistic societal arrangement since the conclusion of the Rostran-Ovinex War, can help one another survive in the parts of the Complex where only one species would thrive on its own.


The Rostran physiology is best adapted to the warm Rostral Tesseract and the wet environments of the Western Tesseract. The enlarged sinuses of the Rostran skull, in addition to providing an excellent sense of air pressure and scent, helps to keep the brain cool in hot environments in the manner of tropical birds.   The Rostran expansion into the Medial Tesseract is checked by the presence of the numerous Human factions warring for control over that region. Expansion beyond Western B is made difficult by the lack of any non-submerged access to commissures, while the Northern and Southern Tesseracts have too much particle radiation for comfortable long-term habitation.
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