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The Verdial Arc

The Verdial Arc is a region of the Manifold Sky which is ideally suited for habitation by the verdial peoples. Petalcap Vale is the largest nation by far in the Verdial Arc, with associated factions (i.e. the Petalcap Vale Customs Authority and the Verdant Order) having strong influence over the region.


Being vulnerable to extreme heat and drought, the Verdial Arc includes many regions in the chilly Caudal Tesseract and almost nothing in the dry Eastern Tesseract.   Notably, due to the fact that verdials are partially photosynthetic and have a natural resistance to diseases such as distal polyp parasitosis, the Verdial Arc is the only such habitability zone which significanty strays into the Distal Tesseract. In fact, the Caudal lichen symbiote is capable of utilizing the ultraviolet-heavy daylight in this region just as well as the 'normal' daylight of the Medial Tesseract. At the same time, the presence of warring human factions in Medial D prevents the Verdial Arc from reaching into that region of the Manifold.
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