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Macalgra is the largest, oldest and most central of the celestial bodies of Damaeus, the known universe. It is both a planet and a divine realm, and home to most of reality's sapient species, and by far the largest population of any realm. The realms of the Divine orbit Macalgra, along with the Serpent of the Moon who appears as the moon to Macalgra's denizens, and the sun, Arven.   The planet is largely water, with twelve traditional named continents, and an ice covered north and south pole. Each of Macalgra's continents are small, and arguable some are not continents at all but large islands. Human habitation of Macalgra started on the continent of Terrosea, also called Sura. From there, humans spread across the surface of the world and built many disparate civilisations, only recently connected by advanced naval technology.


The planet is formed around a magical core of Aether, and the Animus of the Divine Samapkar, who was imprisoned there by Frugi for infidelity. The surface of the planet was created by the hands of the Divine as a garden of pleasure and luxury, but was later inhabited by mortals. Many areas of the world were designed by different Divine, and have since - in the millions of years since the planet's creation - evolved far past their original intentions.

Fauna & Flora

Macalgra is inhabited by a number of species. Humans remain the most dominant race on Macalgra, however the realm is also home to the Aeondra, Dorcia, Whisper, Dragons and Cura. A divers set of flora and fauna occupy the planet, varying widely by region. Overall, the planet is very high in biodiversity.
cosmology of macalgra
Cosmological map; Macalgra center.


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Jul 6, 2018 09:23 by Tristan G.

Just read your article... It's a bit short, I would like to know more about this planet ! Where does the light come from? A sun ? Does he move around the planet ?

Jul 6, 2018 14:21 by Xanthuss

As this is mostly only Macalgra's geography itself, my article Cosmology of Macalgra covers celestial mechanics in more detail. I definitely will need to expand this whole article more in the future though.

Jul 6, 2018 12:44

Neat, and really makes me curious for more! Some examples of the high biodiversity would be neat, and how the different Divine affected their realms.

Jul 6, 2018 14:21 by Xanthuss

I must write about the Divine realms sometime soon. Thank you <3

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Short and succinct, absolutely perfect for Summer Camp, I can see a few placeholder articles too so it's clearly got you thinking about the wider world!

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Thanks. I'm finding summer camp very useful for starting sketchy articles to fill in later