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Chapter 30 - Paupers, Beggars, and the Accursed

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

General Summary

Chonkorchuk, Plamen and Tumma rouse themselves in the Prince of Fishes, but their companions are nowhere to be found. Chonkorchuk is particularly concerned, as the guests and hosts at the establishment seem to be acting suspiciously. Soon, Sasha and Vasilisa turn up, apparently not too happy with one another. As talk starts about the events of the previous night, and plans for the coming day, Sasha mentions that Vasilisa is thinking about procuring slaves. Vasilisa takes offense, and storms out.   Chonkorchuk is taken by Sasha's stories about Reznikov's magic mirror, but the first order of business is to procure trade goods for their trip to the north. Based on information previously acquired from Rogdai, he leads the group to the warehouse of Petr Baburin - a silk merchant of some renown. The hermit tries to haggle with Baburin, promising to set up a valuable network in exchange for an advance of merchandise, but Baburin is having none of it. He only sells the party what it can buy, seeing that none of the company actually has customers. The last of Baba Yaga's money goes to pay for 10 arshins of red silk. However, the adventurers do learn that they may set out traveling either north, through Tumma's home village of Kaverinka, or east, through the Principality of Radomysl, where Plamen and Chonkorchuk hail from. The decision is made to travel north.   After procuring the silk, the group pays a visit to chiliarch Svetlana Mikhailova's mansion, which is now the temporary home of Sergei Reznikov. The fallen prince welcomes them, though he warns them that looking in the mirror is not without risk, especially if done frequently. Tumma and Plamen look into the mirror, and see people banging on the glass, and a sword swinging three times, and causing a spray of blood. Chonkorchuk also looks into the mirror to apprehend an aspect of the group's fate. Sasha, for her part, gives Baba Yaga's apple to Reznikov, in hopes that he will find people to identify it, and sell it to raise more funds for the collective enterprise.   As there has been no word of Vasilisa, the party decides to go outside the city walls to the refugee encampment, since it is well known that Vasilisa and Plamen spent quite a bit of time ministering to them. After arriving, they speak to a man named Daniil, who tells them that Vasilisa did indeed come by earlier, and took a group of people, including a tailor, with her in order to help them find work. None of them have returned, but Daniil hopes to see her again soon, because many of his friends and family members are also looking for work in order to keep body and soul together. He indicates that they went somewhere toward the docks. After Plamen heals several more of them, the group proceeds in the direction indicated by the tailor.   At the docks, Sasha seeks to question the dockmaster to find out where Vasilisa took the refugees, but he is not very forthcoming. The group learns that the other bank is home to the Prince fortress, which makes them cautious about seeking Vasilisa out there. Their business in town is probably done, but spending the night near the fortress, or simply in the woods, does not sufficiently appeal to anyone, so ultimately, the decision is made to return to the Prince of Fishes, to wait for Vasilisa to appear, and to get a fresh start in the morning.   On the way back through town, the group comes across two beggars on a side street. The beggars call out to them, but as the party members move toward them, a group of eight other beggars surround them, and begin to attack them with cudgels. Passes-by in the main street begin to flee. Chonkorchuk makes the area dark, but this does not deter the beggars, who continue to pursue them, though say nothing. Sasha tries to outline them with light to make them easier to see, though this obviates the darkness. Plamen summons the spirit of the bear to maintain morale, and Tumma skewers several with his trident, but ultimately, Chonkorchuk summons an even more frightful darkness. The beggars meet their fate stoically, but screams of people jumping out of nearby buildings bring a sense of foreboding.   As the battle ends, Sasha concludes that these beggars are certainly not normal people. Who might have sent them after the party, her companions think as they make their way back toward the hostel.

Rewards Granted

  • 10 arshins of red silk (purchased)
  • A glimpse into Reznikov's magic mirror
  • Travel information

Missions/Quests Completed

  • 8 mysterious beggars defeated

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
06 Apr 2019
Primary Location

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