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Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

Kaverinka is an important village, or small town, about six days travel north (on foot) from Krinets. It lies on the southern shore of Lake Omena. Kaverinka is the seat of a local bishopric, which is centered at the Cathedral Church of St. Ilya Muravlenin. South of the town, on a promontory known as Besov Nos (Devil's Nose), there is also a monastery dedicated to St. Pimen the Annalist. On the tip of the promontory is an ancient pagan shrine, featuring a standing stone with four faces carved into it. The base of the stone is covered with blood stains, attesting to the fact that blood sacrifice still takes place there. Nearby, at the very edge of the lake, the stones are covered with ancient petroglyphs. In addition, the village houses two hostels, two mills, two smithies, three taverns, a portage station, and a yam station.   The local population is a mix of Norik and Kuz'. It is not entirely clear how it transpired, but over a hundred years ago, before the Invasion, a compact between the Gaalite and heathen populations was established, which continues to hold to the present day. The Church does not even interfere in the heathen sacrifices at the standing stone (as long as they are confined to animals). The divisions break down largely, but not exclusively, along ethnic lines. The town is also particularly famous for its celebration of Ilya's Day in the month of Lipets. At this time, it attracts pilgrims from a vast surrounding area. Many of the visitors attend both the church celebration in the morning, and the heathen celebrations at night.   Kaverinka is the native village of Tumma Keza. His mother operates one of the taverns.


Norik and Kuz' mix

Industry & Trade

Fur transshipment center; local market

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